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02 December 2014

Top 10 Filipino Illuminati Members - List 2

This is the second part of your Top 10 Filipino Illuminati Members. Please continue reading the list below.

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TOP : 5
Name : Kris Aquino
Profession : host, actress
About : Said to have the first ever microchip by the illuminati inserted inside her body.
Kris Aquino
TOP : 4
Name : Robin Padilla
Profession : actor
About : The all-knowing eye inside the pyramid is a 100% clear example of an illuminati symbol. The poster of Robin's movie Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina at mga Anak contains all these symbolism.
Robin Padilla
TOP : 3
Name : Kathryn Bernardo
Profession : actress
About : The hiding of one eye by Kathryn is also a symbol of illuminati.
Kathryn Bernardo
TOP : 2
Name : Daniel Padilla
Profession : actor
About : This posture, done by Daniel Padilla is no different with the number 4 all knowing-eye by Robin Padilla's movie.
Daniel Padilla
TOP : 1
Name : Vice Ganda
Profession : host, actor, comedian
About : Know to have many star tattoos on his body. All performing unusual dances (like rituals), and dresses having illuminati symbolism.
Vice Ganda
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