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02 December 2014

Top 10 Yassi Benitez Beautiful Photos

For this top 10 article we are featuring another cute and beautiful model - Miss Yassi Benitez. She is FHM's January 2014 Online Babe. Did you know that she knows muay thai? She is also a pet lover. She has couple of dogs and cats. I can say that she is a ramp model and also a car model. FHM paved the way for her to be famous here in the Philippines. Now have some time to see some of her beautiful yet beautiful photos below. Cheers!

10 Yassi Benitez Beautiful Photos

Yassi Benitez photo 1Yassi Benitez photo 3Yassi Benitez photo 5Yassi Benitez photo 6Yassi Benitez photo 7Yassi Benitez photo 8Yassi Benitez photo 9Yassi Benitez photo 10

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