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25 November 2014

Top 10 Filipino Entrepreneurs

For this top ten list we listed and picked some of the most popular, most wealthiest and most successful businessmen and businesswomen (entrepreneurs) in the Philippines. Most of the entrepreneurs included for this top 10 are having the Chinese blood or are mostly Chinese-Filipino. Others are Chinese who acquired and become pure Filipino citizens. Now have some time to read and check out the 10 listed entrepreneurs below. Cheers!

List 10 down to 6

TOP : 10
Name : Rajo Laurel
About : He is a fashion designer and also an entrepreneur. He founded the house of Laurel in Makati. He is also the great grandson of Jose P. Laurel (former Philippine president) and cousin of Denise Laurel (an actress). He received an award as the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. He also appeared in some television shows like Philippines' Next Top Model and Project Runway Philippines (both 1 and 2 as a judge).
Rajo Laurel
TOP : 9
Name : George Yang
About : He is a Chinese Filipino businessman. He founded the McDonald's Philippines. Aside from being a successful businessman, he is also a talented singer. He already performed and sang with Sharon Cuneta in a concert. Ronald McDonald House Charities is also a charity started by McDonald's Philippines aiming to help needs of Filipino children.
George Yang
TOP : 8
Name : Ben Chan
About : He is also a Chinese Filipino entrepreneur who founded Bench. Bench is noted as the largest clothing chain in the Philippines. He expanded his stores not only in the Philippines but also in China, Dubai and  Abu Dhabi.
Ben Chan
TOP : 7
Name : Socorro Ramos
About : She and her late husband Jose Ramos founded the National Bookstore. National Bookstore is considered today in the Philippines as biggest bookstore chain. There are over 80 branches and more than 2,500 employees of National Bookstore today.
Socorro Ramos
TOP : 6
Name : Jose Concepcion Jr.
About : He is an entrepreneur and also a former government employee who served as the Secretary of Trade and Industry. Today he is the chairman of the Swift Foods Inc..
Jose Concepcion Jr.
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