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02 December 2014

Top 10 Filipino Illuminati Members

After a thorough research, we have listed some of the Philippines (said to be) Illuminati members and even mason members. Most of them are famous here in the Philippines. They are celebrities, politicians and even heroes of the Philippine revolution. Some said that this is only a co-incident. Others stated that this is just an urban legend. Others also said that this is just crab mentality which is very common here in the Philippines. But for me, your faith into Jesus is far more important when it comes to salvation. Yes, there are so many secret societies that controls these illuminati and masons but I just believe in the love of Jesus Christ. Now have some time to read and check out the 10 listed illuminati members below.

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TOP : 10
Name : Emilio Aguinaldo
Profession : former and first president of the Philippines
About : Emilio Aguinaldo is 100% a member of Masonry. You will find a concrete evidence right inside his house in Cavite.
TOP : 9
Name : Jose Rizal
Profession : Philippines national hero
About : He is a Mason and even considered as an international mason. His monument in Luneta also has the masonic symbolism which is the obelisk.
Jose Rizal
TOP : 8
Name : Ryan Bang
Profession : actor, comedian, singer and host in Showtime
About : He also has the same illuminati symbol of a star tattoo. He is also making crazy and even insane dance steps which is very popular to the people here in the Philippines.
TOP : 7
Name : Angeline Quinto
Profession : singer and actress
About : Known to have a star tattoo on her wrist like Vice Ganda. This is also an illuminati symbolism.
TOP : 6
Name : Charice Pempengco
Profession : singer
About : Charice's song pyramid is one clear example of an illuminati symbolism.
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