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12 June 2015

List of the 15 Most Richest Justices in the Philippines 2014

The table below contains the list of the top 15 most richest Justices here in the Philippines for the year 2014. The list also includes the real properties (acquisition cost), personal property, total assets, liabilities, net worth (SALN), & change. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of the 15 Most Richest Justices in the Philippines 2014

List of the 15 Most Richest Justices in the Philippines 2014

Real Properties
Personal Property
Total Assets
Net Worth
Acquisition Cost
Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno P8,973,500 P11,185,013.35 P20,158,513.35 P574,409.01 P19,584,104.34 P571,456.13
Antonio T. Carpio P38,198,000 P45,556,398 P83,754,398 P75,000 P83,679,398 P630,364.57
Presbitero J. Velasco, Jr. P1,355,460 P10,865,174 P12,220,634 P0.00 P12,220,634 P1,835,544.51
Teresita J. Leonardo-De Castro P11,791,000* P14,655,000* P26,446,000* P14,000,000* P12,466,000* P2,030,000
Arturo D. Brion P11,818,822 P7,751,183 P19,570,005 P554,005 P19,015,950 P2,416,041
Diosdado M. Peralta P18,630,000 P16,783,931.25 P35,413,931.25 P65,000 P35,348,931.25 P2,910,700
Lucas P. Bersamin P25,682,828 P24,162,000 P49,844,828 P22,120,000 P27,724,828 P93,572
Mariano C. Del Castillo** P50,909,133 P80,666,586.94 P131,575,719.94 P669,202.58 P130,906,517.36 P8,688,794.23
Martin S. Villarama Jr.*** P9,133,292 P18,928,044.97 P28,061,337.17 P0.00 P28,061,337.17 P3,989,815.33
Jose P. Perez P6,240,000 P9,234,000 P15,474,000 P1,350,000 P14,124,000 P525,000
Jose C. Mendoza P10,872,974.16 P24,193,576.65 P35,066,550.81 P1,034,172.73 P34,032,378.08 P2,453,576.65
Bienvenido L. Reyes P37,014,300 P41,600,000 P78,614,300 P1,892,038 P76,722,262 P1,552,729
Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe P53,731,327 P24,165,303 P77,896,630 P2,900,000 P74,996,630 P363,220
Marvic Mario Victor F. Leonen P0.00 P2,589,521.90 P2,589,521.90 P490,741.33 P2,098,780.57 P281,073.82
Francis H. Jardeleza P58,937,363 P185,475,957.16 P244,413,320.16 P0.00 P244,413,320.16 P2,863,610.04****
* more or less
** SALN includes wife Dean Cynthia Roxas-del Castillo's assets
*** Filed with wife Atty. Luisa D. Villarama's SALN with total Paraphernal Assets Php 7,030,096.00
**** change from August 20, 2014


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