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30 September 2015

List of 27 Candidates Miss World Philippines 2015

The table below contains the list of all the 27 candidates for the 2015 Miss World Philippines. There is a total of 27 candidates that will be competing in the said beauty pageant. The pageant will be held this coming October 18, 2015 @ The Theatre at Solaire. The winner will then represent our country in the Miss World 2016. See the 27 beautiful candidates below.

List of 27 Candidates Miss World Philippines 2015

List of 27 Candidates Miss World Philippines 2015

Name: Ma. Vanessa Wright
No.: 1
Ma. Vanessa Wright
Name: Jannine Loudette Alipo-on
No.: 2
Jannine Loudette Alipo-on
Name: Danica Macabangon
No.: 3
Danica Macabangon
Name: Sheila Mae Torino
No.: 4
Sheila Mae Torino
Name: Christelle Abello
No.: 5
Christelle Abello
Name: Janelle Tee
No.: 6
Janelle Tee
Name: Ma. Jackielyn Dulay
No.: 7
Ma. Jackielyn Dulay
Name: Kiaragiel Gregorio
No.: 8
Kiaragiel Gregorio
Name: Mona Mahmound Hammad
No.: 9
Mona Mahmound Hammad
Name: Tweena Pangulayan
No.: 10
Tweena Pangulayan
Name: Alexie Marie Ibabao
No.: 11
Alexie Marie Ibabao
Name: Emma Mary Tiglao
No.: 12
Emma Mary Tiglao
Name: Avonlea Paraiso
No.: 13
Avonlea Paraiso
Name: Marita Cassandra Naidas
No.: 14
Marita Cassandra Naidas
Name: Erika Mari de Castro
No.: 15
Erika Mari de Castro
Name: Erica Rose Bayani
No.: 16
Erica Rose Bayani
Name: Jessica Rose McEwen
No.: 17
Jessica Rose McEwen
Name: Lietz Camyll Ang
No.: 18
Lietz Camyll Ang
Name: Diana Pinto
No.: 19
Diana Pinto

Name: Mariah Nilo
No.: 20
Mariah Nilo
Name: Mia Allyson Howell
No.: 21
Mia Allyson Howell
Name: Vianca Louise Marcelo
No.: 22
Vianca Louise Marcelo
Name: Janette Roanne Sturm
No.: 23
Janette Roanne Sturm
Name: Jeddahliz Maltezo
No.: 24
Jeddahliz Maltezo
Name: Casey Anne Austria
No.: 25
Casey Anne Austria
Name: Grapes Pacaras
No.: 26
Grapes Pacaras

Name: Hillarie Danielle Parungao
No.: 27
Hillarie Danielle Parungao
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