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17 September 2015

List of Beautiful & Sexy Wowowin Dancers 2015

The table below contains the current Wowowin dancers as of year 2015. Willie Rivellame's famous show is now in GMA7. And with this new show also brings new and former beautiful and sexy dancers. Please refer to the list below for more details. Wowowin is formerly Wowowillie, Wowowee (ABS-CBN), Willing Willie (TV5), and Wil Time Bigtime (TV5).

List of Beautiful & Sexy Wowowin Dancers 2015

Name: Nichelle Yvette Corral
Nickname: Yvette
Age: 22
Nichelle Yvette Corral
Name: Chiastine Faye Perez
Nickname: Cha
Age: 27
Chiastine Faye Perez

Name: Joyce Burgos
Nickname: Joyce
Age: 26
Joyce Burgos
Name: Bea Marie Holmes
Nickname: Bea
Age: 27
Bea Marie Holmes
Name: Lyca Makino
Nickname: Lyca
Age: 23
Lyca Makino
Name: Sam White
Nickname: Sam
Age: 19
Sam White
Name: Samantha Flores
Nickname: Samantha
Age: 24
Samantha Flores
Name: Aprilyn Gustilo
Nickname: April, Congratulations
Age: 24
Aprilyn Gustilo
Name: Monique Natada
Nickname: Pak
Age: 24
Monique Natada
Name: Karen Ortua
Nickname: Karen
About: Choreographer
Karen Ortua
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