What is Dolby Home Theater v4? [ source ]

Dolby Home Theater v4 elevates PC audio and delivers a surround sound experience through a PC's built-in speakers, headphones, or a connected home theater.

Dolby Home Theater v4 Benefits
  • Authentic Dolby Surround Sound
  • Simplified Home Theater Connections
  • Consistent Volume Levels
  • Increased Dialogue Clarity
  • Distortion-Free Performance
  • Total Audio Control
What is Dolby Advanced Audio v2? [ source ]

Dolby Advanced Audio v2 improves PC audio with technologies that maintain volume levels, prevent distortion, and even create a surround sound experience.

Dolby Advanced Audio v2 Benefits
  • Authentic Dolby Surround Sound
  • Distortion-Free Performance
  • Consistent Volume Levels
  • Total Audio Control
Download Dolby® Advanced Audio/Home Theater Drivers free below:

Download information:

File name: Dolby.rar
Rar contents:
  • Dolby PCEE Drivers x64.msi
  • Dolby PCEE Drivers x86.msi
  • Dolby Home Theater v4.msi
  • Dolby Advanced Audio v2.msi
File size: 49.22 mb
Download link: Mediafire
For Windows 10 OS: Mediafire
Password: toshi28

For the tutorial to install Dolby® Advanced Audio/Home Theater Drivers on your computer, please download the pdf file below.

Download here [ pdf ]


1. Uninstall Realtek HD Audio drivers or NVIDIA or ATI HD Audio drivers. Reboot.

NOTE: For Win 8/8.1, Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

2. Install "Dolby PCEE Drivers". During installation process, choose either "DAA(release)" for Advanced Audio v2 OR "DHT(release)" for Home Theater v4.

3. Install either "Dolby Advanced Audio v2" OR "Dolby Home Theater v4" depending on the chosen settings previously installed "Dolby PCEE Drivers". Reboot.

4. Enjoy.

This tutorial was originally written on Mobilarian forum.