Plants vs Zombies will always be the lone shooting game that will never get old. Its original and first version was released way back May 5, 2009, and it is already 2020, but the game is still played by many. Kids, oldies, or young people, it doesn't matter, this game is played by any age because it is a comfortable yet fascinating game.

Plants vs Zombies is created by PopCap Games. And it has many improved versions now. It can also be played directly from the PopCap website, via mobile phone using their official app, or thru PC or laptop.

How to play Plants vs Zombies, and game description:

  • Just protect your House using your plants from the first wave up to the Final Wave of every stage.
  • In other games, you can also solve puzzle games which also involves the plants and the zombies.
  • The most challenging game here is the Survival Mode. Personally, I played and got to the 32nd Flag, but my wife and my sister got to the 34th Flag. Well, I think girls are more powerful when playing this game.
  • There are so many kinds of plants, so make sure to use the right type of plants for the particular example of zombies also.
  • Some plants can shoot, some plants are only made as a barrier, while others are bombs. Other plants can also freeze the zombies.
  • Other plants can only shoot straight, while others can shoot in an arc direction.
  • For the zombies, the giant zombie is the most powerful. And I think Dr Zomboss created them all.

See sample screenshots below:

Download information:

  • Filename: Plants vs Zombies
  • File extension: .rar or .zip (just extract the file after downloading)
  • Actual game file extension: .exe
  • File size: 40.59 MB
  • Creator: PopCap Games
  • Host:
  • Download links: [ 1 ] Do not forget to rename .mp4 to .rar before extracting.