If you are playing Diamond Games, then, you will need to cash in some money first before you can withdraw all your earnings by playing the game. For this tutorial I will show you how to link your GCash account on your Diamondph Game account and cash in some money using it. Minimum cash in amount is 100 pesos, but, for this tutorial, I will be cashing in 200 pesos.

Make sure your GCash account also has the needed available amount to be able to cash in. And if you are asking me if this game is a legit one? Yes it is! So, if you want download, install and play the game and start cashing out some money using also your GCash account, download the game now here. and earn free coins and start playing the game without even the need to cash in first.

How to Cash in Diamond Game account using GCash

Open the Diamond game and login. Inside, press Withdraw button.

✅ In the Prompt, press YES to continue.

✅ Inside Account, Type your actual name in your GCash inside the GCash Account Name field as well as your valid GCash number for that name. Press Send button to confirm and type the OTP that you will receive. When done, press Save button to continue.

✅ Now, press Wallet.

✅ Inside Wallet, press GCash tab, and then press the coins that you wanted to cash in. 1 pesos = 1 coins. 

✅ Inside Prompt, review all the details and make sure it is correct to avoid transaction delays. When done, press YES button to proceed.

✅ A new page will appear, COPY the number inside the Our GCash Mobile No. field.

Leave the Diamond game app and open your GCash account. Inside, press Send.

✅ Then press Express Send.

✅ In the Send to, paste the number you copied from Diamond game. Enter the amount that you want to cash in and press NEXT.

✅ Now, press the SEND PHP button located at the bottom of your screen.

✅ In the Successfully sent page, you will see there the Reference Number. Copy that number.

✅ You can also copy the reference number from GCash through their SMS or text. After a successful transaction, GCash will notify you regarding the Sent payment to Diamond. It also has the same reference number that you can copy. See image below.
✅ Now, back to Diamond game, PASTE the reference number and press Submit to continue.

✅ There you have it, you have successfully cashed in or recharged your Diamond PH game account using GCash.

✅ Done!

This game is a legitimate online game that you can earn real money and cash out using GCash also. You can download and install the game here [ Diamondph Game download ]. After installing, you will receive instant coins and you can start playing the game for free without even the need to cash in first.