You can also use your EastWest Bank mobile app to cash in or transfer funds inside your GCash account. Just make sure it has enough funds to be able to complete the transaction. See tutorial below for more details.

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How to cash in GCash using EastWest Mobile App

1. Login to your EastWest Mobile app. If you do not have the app yet, you can download it on Google Play, and after downloading and installing it on your phone, register for an account. You can use your EastWest Bank enrolled details.

2. Press the menu icon on the upper right and select Send Money.

3. Select New Payee, choose GCash under Bank.

4. Select Beneficiary type (Registered Payee or One Time Payment) and Payment option (Local bank).

5. Enter your GCash-registered mobile number (09xxxxxxxxx) as your Account number, select GCash as beneficiary bank, and fill in the other needed details.

6. Select Instapay as the mode of transfer.

7. Review your transaction details then press Confirm to proceed. (You may be requested to answer a security question for one time payments),

Note: EastWest Bank may charge fee for Instapay successful transfer.