If you do not have on-hand cash but you have a Metrobank online app account with cash, then, you can use it to recharge your GCash account. For this post, I will be cashing in some funds inside my GCash account using my Metrobank account. The transfer will be instant or real-time using InstaPay but I need to pay P25.00 for the fast transaction. See the steps below.

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How to cash in GCash using Metrobank Online app

✅ If you do not have Metrobank online app yet, then, you need to install it first via Google Play. After installing register for an account using your enrolled Metrobank details. Assuming that you already have one, Login your account. Inside, press the 3 lines to view the hidden menu.

✅ Now, press Transfer to Other Bank.

✅ Select instaPay in the next step. It is worth P25 but the transfer will be fast or real-time.

✅ Now, press Transfer.

✅ For Bank, select GCASH. Account number will be your GCash number as well as your First & Last Name. For the Purpose, just type in Funds and for the Email address, type the email address of your GCash account. Press Next to proceed.

✅ Press Debit in the following step.

✅ Enter the amount that you wanted to cash in or transfer to your GCash account and press Next.

✅ Now, make sure the details are correct to avoid delays of your fund transfer. When done checking, press Submit.

✅ An OTP will be sent to your GCash registered number. Copy the number and type it in the space provided and press Submit again. If do not received the OTP, then, press Resend.

✅ Done! You have successfully cash in your GCash account using your Metrobank online app. A message from GCash will be received by your registered GCash number. An email will also be sent to your registered email address regarding the finished transation.

✅ IF you have questions, please consider leaving a comment below. Thanks!