Here is an updated way to load your DITO sim card with regular load using GCash. They just updated their app and the steps now are less hassle compared to the steps before. To be able to load, just make sure you have internet connection or mobile data to be able to open GCash and available balance inside your GCash account to be able to purchase your load.

How to load DITO using GCash 2022

✅ Inside your GCash account, find and press Load.

✅ Inside Buy Load, select the TELCO LOAD tab, then in the Select Telco press DITO. In the Buy Load For, type the phone number of the load recipient. Press the Next to continue.

✅ In the next step just press Yes, Proceed if you are sure with the details that you just typed and input.

✅ In the Buy Load, select REGULAR. In the input your desired load amount! you can type the load or you can select in the list of available amounts. You can load any amount as long as it is between P5 to P1000 load. Just press Next to proceed.

✅ In Payment, press the Pay button below your screen.

✅ Done! You have successfully paid the load amount on GCash. Just wait for a confirmation message on the phone of the load recipient. A text message will also received from GCash.