Here's how you can purchase or load Globe's RiotGO+110 using your GCash account. Just make sure you have enough balance inside your GCash, as well as an internet connection or mobile data to open your GCash account. See steps below.

RiotGO+110 Promo details:
☑ Description: This promo is for Globe Prepaid only
☑ Validity: 3 days
☑ Mobile data: 5GB data for all sites + RiotGO+ Bundle with access to all Champions, 1 Summoner, 1 Kill Bundle, 3 Emotes, & more
☑ Unlicall: none
☑ Unlitext: All networks

How to load RiotGO+110 using GCash 2022

✅ Inside your GCash account, press Load.

✅ Inside Buy Load, press TELCO LOAD tab. In the Select Telco select Globe. In the Buy load for, type the mobile number of the RiotGO+110 promo recipient. Press Next to continue.

✅ In the next step, review your inputs and then press Yes, Proceed.

✅ In the Buy Load, select ONLY ON GCASH! tab. Find and select RiotGO+110 110 PHP. Press Next to proceed.

✅ Press the PAY PHP 110.00 below your screen.
✅ Done! You have successfully purchased RiotGO+110 promo using your GCash account. Just wait for a message from GCash regarding the purchase.