IF you are transferring photos or images from your mobile to pc or laptop but you do not have Shareit, USB device but you have Gmail, then, you can do so by doing the simple steps below. Just prepare all your photos and make sure you also have Gmail installed on your phone as well as an internet connection or mobile data.

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How to transfer photos from phone to pc/laptop using Gmail

✅ First, select all the photos that you wanted to transfer or send on your laptop or pc. Then, press Share.

✅ Inside Share, find and select Gmail.

✅ You will be automatically inside Gmail. Your currently logged in Gmail account will be inside the From field, and you just need to type the Gmail of the photo receiver inside the To field. You can just re-type what is inside the From field since, you are also the receiver of the photos. When done, press the Send button (blue triangle-like icon).

✅ Just wait for a couple of minutes, depending upon the size of your attached photos the smaller the faster you will receive it. When large size of photos are sent, it will take some time to be uploaded and be sent. Now, open your Gmail and you will see there the "me (no subject) (no body) email. Open the email and just press Scan and download all attachments. It will be downloaded as attachments.zip. All you need to do is extract the zip file and all your photos will be inside the attachments folder.

✅ Done!