If you want to transfer photos or images from your mobile phone to your pc or laptop but you do not have Shareit or USB device, then, you can try using Facebook Lite. Just make sure, FB Lite is also installed on your phone. And also, make sure you have internet connection or mobile data to be able to send or transfer the photos that you want.

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How to transfer photo from phone to pc/laptop using Facebook Lite

✅ On your phone, select all the photos that you wanted to transfer. Once selected, press Share.

✅ Under Share option, find and select Lite (Add to Lite).

✅ Photos will be now inside your Facebook Lite app. A post will be created. Since it is just a personal photo, make sure to change Public view to Private. Press Public.

✅ Now inside Post audience, press See more.

✅ Find and select Only Me. Press Done to continue.

✅ Back inside Create post, you will notice that Public is now Only me. Press Post button to proceed.

✅ You have now created a post containing all the photos. You just download the photos one-by-one and save it on your pc or laptop.

✅ When finished downloading all the photos, just delete the post or move it to trash.

✅ Done!