March 6, 2017

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List 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup Game Schedules/Team Standings/Scores

The information below contains the list of all the game schedules for the 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup for the Elimination, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and the Final round. The 2nd conference of the 42nd season of the PBA will kickoff this coming March 17, 2017. Also included on the list is the game number, time, venue, the opposing team, scores, team standings (rankings), and more.

List 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup Game Schedules/Team Standings/Scores

Participating twelve (12) teams are the Alaska Aces, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, Blackwater Elite, GlobalPort Batang Pier, Mahindra Floodbuster, Meralco Bolts, NLEX Road Warriors, Phoenix Fuelmasters, Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (defending champions), San Miguel Beermen, Star Hotshots, and the TNT Katropa. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup Game Schedules/Team Standings/Scores

2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup
1 4:15pm 17-Mar Araneta Coliseum Mahindra vs Meralco 86-94
2 7:00pm 17-Mar Araneta Coliseum NLEX vs Rain or Shine 105-113
3 3:00pm 18-Mar Cuneta Astrodome Phoenix vs Blackwater 118-116
4 5:15pm 18-Mar Cuneta Astrodome Alaska vs GlobalPort 107-79
5 4:30pm 19-Mar Araneta Coliseum Rain or Shine vs Mahindra 99-95
6 6:45pm 19-Mar Araneta Coliseum Meralco vs NLEX 91-84
7 4:15pm 22-Mar Araneta Coliseum Blackwater vs Alaska 95-109
8 7:00pm 22-Mar Araneta Coliseum Phoenix vs Star Hotshots 82-101
9 4:15pm 24-Mar Araneta Coliseum NLEX vs Mahindra 81-89
10 7:00pm 24-Mar Araneta Coliseum TNT Katropa vs Meralco 89-94
11 5:00pm 25-Mar Tubod, Lanao del Norte Star Hotshots vs GlobalPort 103-77
12 4:30pm 26-Mar Ynares Center Blackwater vs Rain or Shine 88-95
13 6:45pm 26-Mar Ynares Center Phoenix vs TNT Katropa 109-134
14 4:15pm 29-Mar MOA Arena Alaska vs Mahindra 98-92
15 7:00pm 29-Mar MOA Arena Rain or Shine vs Meralco 83-89
16 4:15pm 31-Mar Araneta Coliseum TNT vs Blackwater 92-89
17 7:00pm 31-Mar Araneta Coliseum Star vs NLEX 105-103
18 5:00pm 1-Apr Davao City Ginebra vs Phoenix 91-94
19 4:30pm 3-Apr Araneta Coliseum Alaska vs Rain or Shine 105-102
20 7:00pm 3-Apr Araneta Coliseum Meralco vs San Miguel 92-99
21 4:15pm 5-Apr Araneta Coliseum Mahindra vs Star 83-97
22 7:00pm 5-Apr Araneta Coliseum GlobalPort vs Ginebra 96-113
23 4:15pm 7-Apr MOA Arena TNT vs NLEX 126-121
24 7:00pm 7-Apr MOA Arena San Miguel vs Phoenix 110-88
25 3:00pm 8-Apr MOA Arena Blackwater vs GlobalPort 118-113
26 5:15pm 8-Apr MOA Arena Meralco vs Alaska 99-91
27 4:30pm 9-Apr MOA Arena Mahindra vs TNT 84-86
28 7:00pm 9-Apr MOA Arena Ginebra vs Star 113-98
29 4:15pm 12-Apr Araneta Coliseum NLEX vs GlobalPort 82-85
30 7:00pm 12-Apr Araneta Coliseum Phoenix vs Rain or Shine 94-96
31 4:30pm 16-Apr Araneta Coliseum Blackwater vs Meralco 91-102
32 7:00pm 16-Apr Araneta Coliseum Star vs San Miguel 97-103
33 4:15pm 19-Apr Cuneta Astrodome San Miguel vs Mahindra 109-80
34 7:00pm 19-Apr Cuneta Astrodome Ginebra vs NLEX 101-92
35 4:15pm 21-Apr Araneta Coliseum Alaska vs Phoenix 86-94
36 7:00pm 21-Apr Araneta Coliseum GlobalPort vs TNT 88-109
37 3:00pm 22-Apr MOA Arena Star vs Blackwater 96-90
38 5:15pm 22-Apr MOA Arena Rain or Shine vs San Miguel 98-111
39 4:30pm 23-Apr Araneta Coliseum Mahindra vs GlobalPort 86-105
40 6:45pm 23-Apr Araneta Coliseum TNT vs Ginebra 89-107
41 4:15pm 3-May Araneta Coliseum Blackwater vs NLEX 104-98
42 7:00pm 3-May Araneta Coliseum Meralco vs Phoenix 81-66
43 4:15pm 5-May Araneta Coliseum Phoenix vs GlobalPort 72-84
44 7:00pm 5-May Araneta Coliseum San Miguel vs TNT 103-112
45 5:00pm 6-May Batangas City Rain or Shine vs Star 93-99
46 4:30pm 7-May Araneta Coliseum Mahindra vs Blackwater 96-87
47 6:45pm 7-May Araneta Coliseum Ginebra vs Alaska 103-102
48 4:15pm 10-May MOA Arena GlobalPort vs Meralco 94-86
49 7:00pm 10-May MOA Arena Star vs TNT 107-97
50 4:15pm 19-May Cuneta Astrodome NLEX vs San Miguel 108-114
51 7:00pm 19-May Cuneta Astrodome Ginebra vs Rain or Shine 112-118
52 5:00pm 20-May Legazpi City, Albay TNT vs Alaska 119-110
53 4:30pm 21-May MOA Arena Phoenix vs Mahindra 121-122
54 6:45pm 21-May MOA Arena San Miguel vs Ginebra 99-107
55 4:15pm 24-May Araneta Coliseum Alaska vs NLEX 92-100
56 7:00pm 24-May Araneta Coliseum Meralco vs Star 90-108
57 4:15pm 26-May Binan, Laguna Rain or Shine vs GlobalPort
58 7:00pm 26-May Binan, Laguna Ginebra vs Blackwater
59 3:00pm 27-May TBA NLEX vs Phoenix
60 7:00pm 27-May TBA San Miguel vs Alaska
61 4:30pm 28-May Ynares Center, Antipolo TNT vs Rain or Shine
62 7:00pm 28-May Ynares Center, Antipolo Meralco vs Ginebra
63 4:15pm 31-May Cuneta Astrodome Blackwater vs San Miguel
64 7:00pm 31-May Cuneta Astrodome Alaska vs Star
65 4:15pm 2-Jun Araneta Coliseum San Miguel vs GlobalPort
66 7:00pm 2-Jun Araneta Coliseum Ginebra vs Mahindra

Star Hotshots 8 2 0.80
Brgy. Ginebra San Miguel 6 2 0.75
San Miguel Beermen 6 2 0.75
Meralco Bolts 7 3 0.70
TNT Katropa 7 3 0.70
Rain or Shine EPainters 5 4 0.56
Alaska Aces 4 5 0.44
Phoenix Fuelmasters 4 6 0.40
GlobalPort Batang Pier 3 6 0.33
Mahindra Floodbuster 3 7 0.30
Blackwater Elite 2 7 0.22
NLEX Road Warriors 1 9 0.10

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