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About Us

A dedicated Filipino blog listing all stuffs from the Philippines. We got entertainment, sports, bizarre, general knowledge, lifestyle, science, society, government, internet, facts, history, and more important lists. We just started this blog last November 19, 2014 and we are hoping that we can provide fresh top listings, and rankings for our Filipino readers all around the world.

To give you an overview of the ListPH blog, here are all the main categories and sub-categories:
  • Bizarre (Creepy, Mysterious and Weird)
  • Entertainment (Gaming, Movies & TV, and Music)
  • General Knowledge (Books, Facts, History, and Miscellaneous)
  • Lifestyle (Food, Health, Sports and Travel)
  • Science (Animals, Plants, Humans, Our Philippines, and Technology)
  • Society (Crime, Politics, and Religions)
  • More (Internet and Others)
This blog is absolutely a list of all stuffs, about everything and about anything under the sun regarding the Philippines and the Filipino people together with its beautiful places, history and amazing facts.

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