For this top 10 we have the so called PBA or Philippine Basketball Association "Rebound Kings". We listed the 10 greatest rebounder ever played in the PBA. As quoted from the anime Slam Dunk, "if you control the rebound, you can control the game". This is very true and rebounds truly dictate the difference between winning or losing. That is why, rebounders are considered as hard workers of their teams. Height doesn't matter when it comes on rebounding the ball (Calvin Abueva proves this during the 2014-2015 Philippine Cup), its how a player positions himself to easily get the rebound even he is small. Well, of course bigger or taller players will always have the advantage. Now here are your all-time PBA rebounds leaders. Ranking are based on the total rebounds made by each players during their entire career. Please refer to the table below.

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TOP : 10
Name : Ali Peek
Alias : The Man Mountain
TGP : 649
TNR : 5158
Ali Peek
TOP : 9
Name : Elpidio Villamin
Alias : Yoyoy, The Bicolano Superman
TGP : 871
TNR : 5163
Elpidio Villamin
TOP : 8
Name : Abe King
Alias : Chairman of the Board
TGP : 782
TNR : 5222
Abe King
TOP : 7
Name : Robert Jaworski
Alias : The Big J, The Living Legend
TGP : 958
TNR : 5367
Robert Jaworski
TOP : 6
Name : Asi Taulava (active)
Alias : The Rock
TGP : still playing
TNR : 5592
Asi Taulava (active)
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TGP : total games played
TNR : total numbers of rebounds
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