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03 December 2014

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the Philippines

Bridges are useful when it comes to extending the way for human feet to walk and motor vehicles to go. And without the ice bridges it will be very impossible for the early men to travel the world. In some point, bridges are also created to be a sign of boundaries of two places. And when we talk about the longest bridge here in the Philippines, some voted for the Manila Skyway which is 17 km long. But this amazing architecture is not included for this list. Now have some time to read and check out the top 10 longest bridges in the Philippines.

List 10 down to 6

TOP : 10
Name : Gilbert Bridge
Length : 0.8 km
Location : Ilocos Norte

Gilbert Bridge
TOP : 9
Name : Mactan-Mandaue Bridge
Length : 0.864  km
Location : Cebu
Mactan-Mandaue Bridge
TOP : 8
Name : Macapagal Bridge
Length : 0.9076  km
Location : Agusan del Norte
Macapagal Bridge
TOP : 7
Name : Magat Bridge
Length : 0.926  km
Location : Isabela
Magat Bridge
TOP : 6
Name : Marcelo Fernan Bridge
Length : 1.237  km
Location : Cebu
Marcelo Fernan Bridge
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