Top 10 Most Active Volcanoes in the Philippines

Volcano is beautiful to see because it is part of nature. But what is beauty if that volcano is near your place and is going to explode. For sure that would be catastrophic. For this top 10, we listed some of the most active volcanoes found here in the Philippines. Ranking was based on numbers of explosion. Please refer to the list below.

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TOP : 10
Name : Biliran, Cagua, Camiguin de Babuyanes, Iraya, and Parker
Number of Explosions : 1 each
About : These active volcanoes are found - Biliran (Biliran Province), Cagua (Cagayan), Camiguin de Babuyanes (Camiguin Island), Mount Iraya (Batan Island) and Mount Parker (South Cotabato). These volcanoes recorded explosion was only 1.
Biliran, Cagua, Camiguin de Babuyanes, Iraya, and Parker
TOP : 9
Name : Makaturing and Musuan
Number of Explosions : 2 each
About : Mount Makaturing is found in Butig, Lanao del Sur while Musuan is found in Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon. Both volcanoes erupted twice already.
Makaturing and Musuan
TOP : 8
Name : Babuyan Claro, Pinatubo and Unnamed volcano (Ibugos)
Number of Explosions : 3 each
About : Babuyan Claro Volcano (aka Mount Pangasun) is found on Babuyan Island. Known to have produced the 2nd largest explosion of the 20th century, the Mount Pinatubo (found near the provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga). And the Unnamed volcano found on Ibugos Island. These 3 volcanoes erupted thrice already.
Babuyan Claro, Pinatubo and Unnamed volcano (Ibugos)
TOP : 7
Name : Hibok-Hibok
Number of Explosions : 5
About : It is also called Catarman Volcano found on Camiguin Island. This volcano erupted 5 times already. Last eruption recorded was in 1948 to 1953.
TOP : 6
Name : Smith and Didicas
Number of Explosions : 6 each
About : Smith - this volcano is also called Mount Babuyan. It is found on Babuyan Island. Its last recorded eruption was in 1924 and that was its 6th. Didicas is found in Cagayan and its last explosion was in 1978.
Smith and Didicas
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