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10 January 2015

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Arwind Santos - List 2

This is the second part of your Top 10 Amazing Facts About Arwind Santos. Please continue reading the list below.

Arwind Santos Facts 5 down to 1

TOP : 5
Fact : He played 3 years for the Air21 Express and is now with San Miguel franchise for 6 years.
Arwind Santos - Aire21 Express
TOP : 4
Fact : His current wife is Ivette Iza Gavieres. She is the daughter of Arwind's former FEU coach Danny Gavieres.
Ivette Iza Gavieres and Arwind Santos
TOP : 3
Fact : He was the 2nd overall Round 1 draft picked by the Air21 Express in 2006. He was next to Kelly Williams. Next to Arwind are Joseph Yeo, LA Tenorio Gabby Espinas, Mark Isip, Arron Aban, Mark Andaya, Boyet Bautista and Abby Santos.
Arwind Santos - Aire21 Express (2)
TOP : 2
Fact : Arwind is also a 6-time PBA Mythical First Team Member, 7-time PBA All Defensive Team Member, 6-time PBA All-Star, 2-time Defensive Player of the Year, 1-time-PBA Mythical Second Team Member, and 1-time PBA All Rookie Team member.
Gary David, Mark Caguioa, Arwind Santos and James Yap
TOP : 1
Fact : He is a 1-time PBA champion, 1-time MVP (2013 - Most Valuable Player) awardee, 2-time BPC (2011 and 2013 - Best Player of the Conference),  2-time Finals MVP awardee (2011), 1-time PBA Blitz Game MVP (2007), and 1-time PBA All-Star Game MVP (2013).
Arwind Santos - PBA MVP
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