For this post we have gathered some of the beautiful photos of the current girlfriend of the "man with a million moves" Big Game James Yap. Aside from a successful basketball career, James had found yet another inspiration after he and Kris Aquino got separated. His inspiration is no other than a secretariat specialist at the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, Miss Michela Cazzola. Also included on the photos below is Bimby, James' son with Kris. Now here are some photos of Cazzola Photos with Purefoods forward James Yap.

Michela Cazzola Hot Photos

Michela Cazzola photo 1Michela Cazzola photo 6Michela Cazzola photo 2Michela Cazzola photo 7Michela Cazzola photo 3Michela Cazzola photo 8Michela Cazzola photo 4Michela Cazzola photo 9Michela Cazzola photo 5Michela Cazzola photo 10