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06 January 2015

Top 9 Individuals Who Have Won Championships Both as a Player and as a Coach in PBA

When it comes to players who won championships during their entire PBA career and also won championship(s) when they became coaches also in the PBA, there are only eight of them who are written in the PBA record book. And for this top list, we gathered some info about these 9 amazing individuals. Also included on the list are the two players who are not only players but at the same time they are the head coaches of their teams before, the so called "player-coach". Now here are the 9 individuals who have became champions when they are players and when they became coaches. Please refer to the list below.

List 8 down to 5

TOP : 9
Name : Leo Austria
CAP : 1 championship with Shell
CAC : 1 championship with San Miguel
Coach Leo Austria
TOP : 8
Name : Boyet Fernandez
CAP : 2 championships with Purefoods (1) and Alaska (1)
CAC : 1 championship with Sta. Lucia Realtors
Coach Boyet Fernandez
TOP : 7
Name : Ely Capacio
CAP : 3 championship with Tanduay
CAC : 1 championship with Purefoods
Coach Ely Capacio
TOP : 6
Name : Fort Acuña
CAP : 4 championships with Toyota
CAC : 1 with Toyota
Coach Fort Acuña
TOP : 5
Name : Joel Banal
CAP : 4 championships with Great Taste Coffee
CAC : 1 championship with Talk 'N Text
Coach Joel Banal
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CAP : champion(s) as a player
CAC : champion(s) as a coach
CAPC : champion(s) as a player-coach

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