Top DOTA AI Map - Dota AllStars 5.84b Ai Download

Here are some of the important features of your Dota AllStars 5.84b Ai map download.
Top DOTA AI Map - Dota AllStars 5.84b Ai Download

Dota AllStars 5.84b Ai Download

Suggested Players : 3v3, 4v4, 5v5
Map Size : Small
Hero Count : 62
Tileset : Lordaeron Winter
Presented by : Guinsoo

Sunrise Tavern
Morning Tavern
Moon Rider Silencer Vengeful Spirit
Dwarven Sniper Treant Protector Zeus
Troll Warlord Ursa Warrior Holy Knight
Shadow Shaman Keeper of the Light Morphling
Goblin Techies Ogre Magi Crystal Maiden
Pandaren Brewmaster Tinker Rogue Knight
Ceantaur Warchief Naga Siren
Bounty Hunter Prophet
Dragon Knight Stealth Assassin
Anti-Mage Lone Druid
Drow Ranger Slayer
Omniknight Juggernaut
12 Heroes
7 Heroes
12 Heroes

Mignight Tavern
Twilight Tavern
Evening Tavern
Soul Keeper Oblivion Medusa
Tormented Soul Tidehunter Night Stalker
Lich Bane Elemental Skeleton King
Death Prophet Necrolyte Doom Bringer
Demon Witch Pudge 2.0 Nerubian Assassin
Venomancer Sand King Slithereen Guard
Magnataur Queen of Pain
Necro'lic Bone Fletcher
Chaos Knight Faceless Void
Lycanthrope Viper
Broodmother Lightning Revenant
Phantom Assassin Lifestealer
12 Heroes
7 Heroes
12 Heroes

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