The table below contains the list of Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Using Opera Mini Promos. There are twelve promos (packages) available. Four promos for unlimited internet browsing, also 4 for unlimited Fb browsing via Opera Mini and many more. On the other hand, please refer to the table below for more details.
List of Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Using Opera Mini Promos

Sun Cellular Broadband Gadget Plans

List of Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Using Opera Mini Promos
Cost (Php)
Validity (days)
Opera Mini 15 Non-stop internet using Opera Mini via mobile phone 15 1 OPERA15 send to 247
Opera Mini 80 80 7 OPERA80 send to 247
Opera Mini 160 160 15 OPERA160 send to 247
Opera Mini 299 299 30 OPERA299 send to 247
Facebook 10 Unlimited Facebook 10 1 FB10 send to 247
Facebook 20 20 3 FB20 send to 247
Facebook 50 50 7 FB50 send to 247
Facebook 200 200 30 FB200 send to 247
Twitter 10 Unlimited Twitter 10 1 TWITTER10 send to 247
Yahoo 10 Unlimited Yahoo Ph 10 1 YAHOO10 send to 247
Sulit 10 Unlimited 10 1 SULIT10 send to 247
Click 10 Unlimited 10 1 CLICK10 send to 247
Download Opera Mini (OM) here : (If you are downloading using your laptop or computer, just go to the Opera website [here] and download the OM that that is compatible with your mobile phone (e.g. .zip, .apk, .jad, .jad). After downloading, connect your device to your laptop/computer using USB connector and copy the OM to your phone. If you do not have a connector, you can also transfer the OM to your phone using the Bluetooth connection.

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