Here is a compilation of the 2013 PBA Governor's Cup "Ankle Breakers" courtesy of D' PBA Zone via Youtube. Our Filipino basketball players are not that athletic compared to NBA players but, they too, can dribble the ball and make ankle breaker moves inside the hard court. The most funniest ankle breaker move made was courtesy of Danny Seigle (when he was in the Barako Bull Energy Cola) when he made Dior Lowhorn (Ginebra import) and Billy Mamaril tumbled-down the floor (the side-commentator said it was a double ankle breaker). Please play the video below.
Top 10 PBA Ankle Breakers Governor's Cup 2013

10 PBA Ankle Breakers Governor's Cup 2013

The video above contains the 10 ankle breaker moves during the PBA Governor's Cup last year 2013. Enjoy watching guys!