The table below contains the list of Applicants for Registration Without Examination as Psychometricians - February 2015 Res. No.2. There are 32 applicants listed below.
List of Applicants for Registration Without Examination as Psychometricians - February 2015 Res. No.2

List of Applicants for Registration Without Examination 
as Psychometricians - February 2015 Res. No.2
1. Aguila, Ma. Celia Villareal
2. Arimao, Rhoda Grace Gica
3. Asendido, Juliana Pedraza
4. Atienza, Sylvia Castillo
5. Balagot, Anna Celeste Pajalla
6. Bardoquillo, Elsie Rita Obrero
7. Bonnevie, Julma Villaflor
8. Cabanero, Selena Maria Perfecto
9. Caindoy, Ernilson Comandante
10. Callo, Frances Ruth Lourdes Sesperes
11. Concepcion, Glenn Concepcion
12. Cucio, Rachel Angelique Louella Isip
13. De Jesus, Ma. Virginia Lapitan
14. Dinglasan, Rosalie Tababan
15. Exala, Teresa Lao
16. Fatal, Connie Baes
17. Faylona, Rosario Puspus
18. Fernando, Mary May Malabanan
19. Gabriel, Karen Arvie Santos
20. Garcia, Gertrudes Ronquillo
21. Garcia, Ma. Pelagia Malanum
22. Jardin, Helen Enova
23. Jusay, Lourdes Ponteras
24. Mateo, Hardith Llaguno
25. Perez, Maria Dolores Piquit
26. Quibuyen, Laraine Silapan
27. Refran, Jayson Mariano
28. Reyes, Manilyn Romero
29. Reyes, Ruth Abria
30. Rodriguez, Johanna Edith Basa
31. Soriano, Analiza Geremillo
32. Valdez, Amy Rea Antonio
End of List
Upon evaluation of the documents submitted in support of their respective application, the Board find that the above-named applicants have met all the qualifications set forth in the aforementioned Act and Rules. Wherefore, the Board Resolves, as it is hereby Resolved, to allow their registration as Psychometricians. Upon approval hereof by the Commission, let their respective Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card be issued after they shall have taken their respective oaths of professionals.


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