The table below contains the list of all the beautiful and popular tourist attractions and destinations found in the whole province of Ilocos Norte. Municipalities and city included on the list are Bacarra, Badoc, Bangui, Batac, Burgos, Currimao, Dingras, Dumalneg, Laoag City, Pagudpud, Paoay, Pasuquin, Piddig, San Nicolas, Sarrat, and Vintar. On the other hand please refer to the table below for more details.
List of Ilocos Norte Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Ilocos Norte Tourist Attractions and Destinations

List of Ilocos Norte Tourist Attractions and Destinations
Tourist Attractions
Found in
Abang Falls Bangui
Aglipay Shrine (named after Gregorio Aglipay) Batac
Artemio Ricarte National Shrine Batac
Avis Falls Burgos
Bangui Bay View Building Bangui
Bangui Public Market Bangui
Bangui Windmills Bangui
Bangui's woodcraft windmills souvenir stores Bangui
Bantay Abot Cave Pagudpud
Basi Revolt Monument Piddig
Batac Riverside Empanadaan Batac
Blue Lagoon Pagudpud
Bolo River Dumalneg
Bolo River(locally known Caramuangen River) Bangui
Botanic Garden, Naglicuan Pasuquin
Burgos Wind Farm Burgos
Calitungan Falls, San Juan Pasuquin
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Burgos
Currimao Watch Towers Currimao
Dams of Tadao Pasuquin
Dingras Church Ruins Dingras
Dingras Church Ruins San Nicolas
Dos Hermanos Pagudpud
Dragon Fruit Farm Burgos
Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort Laoag City
Josefa Llanes Escode Shrine Dingras
Juan Luna Shrine Badoc
Kaangrian Falls Burgos
Kabigan Falls Pagudpud
Kapurpurawan Rocks Burgos
La Virgen Milagrosa Shrine Badoc
Laoag Cathedral Laoag City
Luttuong Falls, Surong Pasuquin
Mabaga Falls Pagudpud
Maira-Ira Point Pagudpud
Marcos Museum and Mausoleum Batac
Mount Baguinsuso Vintar
Municipal Hall Bangui
Municipal Plaza Bangui
Museo Ilocos Norte Laoag City
Nagrebcan & Magararay Rice Fields Pasuquin
Nipa hut cottages, Padsan River Sarrat
Old Roman Catholic Church Ruins Pasuquin
Palpalokada Burgos
Paoay Golf Course Paoay
Paoay Lake National Park Paoay
Pasaleng Bay Pagudpud
Patapat Viaduct Pagudpud
Pottery Making (Damili) San Nicolas
Put-tot Lake, Susugaen Pasuquin
Puyupuyan's Grotto and Ship Wrecked Pasuquin
Salt Capital, Davila Pasuquin
San Agustine Church Paoay
San Nicolas Church San Nicolas
Santa Monica Parish Church Sarrat
Santa Monica Parish Museum Sarrat
Saud Beach Pagudpud
Saypon Lake, Susugaen Pasuquin
Sentinella Hills Pasuquin
Sexy Beach, Estancia Pasuquin
St. John the Baptist Parish Church (Badoc Church) Badoc
St. William's Cathedral and Bell Tower Laoag City
Sta. Ana Church Piddig
Suso Beach, Susugaen Pasuquin
Tanap Rapids Burgos
The Leaning Belfry of St. Andrew Church Bacarra
Tobacco Monopoly Monument Laoag City
Valdes Residencia San Nicolas
Villa Florentina Beach Resort, Susugaen Pasuquin
Vintar mountains Dumalneg
End of List
Did we miss one or two tourist destinations on the list? Just comment the name and location of the destination that you know below and we will update this list as soon as possible.

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