The table below contains the list of all the beautiful and popular tourist attractions and destinations found in the whole province of La Union. Municipalities and city included on the list are Agoo, Aringay, Bacnotan, Bangar, Bauang, Caba, Luna, Pugo, Rosario, San Fernando, San Juan, Santo Tomas, Santol, Sudipen, and Tubao. On the other hand please refer to the table below for more details.
List of La Union Tourist Attractions and Destinations

La Union Tourist Attractions and Destinations

List of La Union Tourist Attractions and Destinations
Tourist Attractions
Found in
Acapulco Beach Resort San Fernando
Agoo beach Agoo
Agoo Museum Agoo
Amburayan River Bangar
Apo Baket Namacpacan Luna
Asin Hot Springs Pugo
Bacsil Bridge and Monument San Fernando
Balauarte Spanish Watch Tower, Victoria Luna
Bali Hai Beach Resort Bauang
Bali Hai Beach Resort Bauang
Bali Hai East Bauang
Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity Agoo
Blue Lagoon Resort San Fernando
Blue Nile Beach Resort & Beach Club Bauang
Bust of Ferdinand Marcos Pugo
Cabaña Beach Resort Bauang
California Beach Resort San Fernando
Cathedral of St. William the Hermit San Fernando
Centuries-old Acacia trees Tubao
Cesmin Beach Cottages Bauang
China Sea Beach Resort Bauang
Christ the Redeemer San Fernando
Clarissa Jade Village Resort San Fernando
Clarissa Jade Village Resort San Fernando
Coconut Grove Beach Resort Bauang
Damortis La Union Private Resort Rosario
Darigayos Beaches Luna
Diego Silang's Monument Caba
El Caseron Beach Resort Caba
Fish Ponds, San Roque West Agoo
Green Palm Beach Apartelle San Fernando
Heroes’ Hill San Fernando
Holy Family Family Parish Church of Pugo Pugo
Imelda Cultural Stage Bangar
Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church Rosario
Kasay Marine Sanctuary San Fernando
Kaykayo Resort Bauang
Kuhana Beach Resort & Spa San Juan
Kultura Splash Wave Pugo
La Mer Resort San Fernando
La Playa Ursula Beachfront Resort Bacnotan
La Union Science Centrum & Museum San Fernando
Las Villas Resort San Juan
Little Surf Maid Resort San Juan
Long Beach Resort Bauang
Ma-Cho Temple San Fernando
Marimar Beach Aringay
Meridian Beach Cottages San Fernando
Miramonte Beach Resort San Fernando
Monaliza Resort San Juan
Moro Watch Tower San Fernando
Mt. Kimmallugong Caba
Museo de San Juan San Juan
Nalvo Sur Beaches Luna
NorMi’s Resort / NorMi2's Beachfront Resort San Juan
North Pals Beach Resort Bauang
Oasis Country Resort San Fernando
Ocean Breeze Resort Hotel Bauang
Pagdalagan Sur Beach Bauang
Paiko Blue Waters Beach Resort and Spa Caba
Paradiso Beach Resort Aringay
Pindangan Ruins San Fernando
Plaza de la Virgen Agoo
Poro Point San Fernando
President Elpidio Quirino Monument Caba
Ramon & Delfina Beach Resort San Fernando
Saint Christopher Church Bangar
Saint Christopher Convent Bangar
Salangas Beach Cottages San Fernando
San Juan Surf Resort San Juan
San Luis del Mar Bauang
Sangbay Resort Santol
Schweizergarten Resort Bauang
Sea of Dreams Spa Resort, San Carlos Caba
Sea Park Beach Resort San Fernando
Sebay Surf Resort & Entertainment Center San Juan
Seven Hills San Fernando
Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Mar Cautiva Parish Church Santo Tomas
St. Isidore the Farmer Parish Church Tubao
Statue of the Tobacco Farmer Tubao
Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church Bauang
Sunset Bay Beach Resort San Fernando
Sunset German Beach Resort San Juan
Tapuacan River Pugo
The Giant Eagle of the North Park Agoo
The La Union Botanical Garden San Fernando
The Queen of Peace Priory Rosario
The Rosario Nature Park Rosario
The Tree House Rosario
Tomb of Unknown Soldier San Fernando
Tubao Municipal Building Tubao
Tubao Parish Tubao
Villa D'El-Lita Resort, Hotel & Restaurant Sudipen
Villa Estrella Beach Resort Bauang
Villa Navarro Beach Resort and Restaurant Caba
West Meridian Beach San Fernando
Wil Jam Beach Cottages San Fernando
World War II Vintage Canons Rosario
End of List
Did we miss one or two tourist destinations on the list? Just comment the name and location of the destination that you know below and we will update this list as soon as possible.

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