For this special article we listed some of the amazing and funny facts about the Purefoods lineup or roster for the 2015 PBA season. Please refer to 9 listed facts below.

List of Amazing Facts About Purefoods for 2015 PBA Season

List of Amazing Facts About Purefoods for 2015 PBA Season

➔ There are only 7 players who are pure Filipino in Purefoods lineup. They are James Yap, Lester Alvarez, Peter June Simon, Ian Sangalang, Mark Barroca, Jerwin Gaco, and Alein Maliksi.

➔ There are 8 half-Filipino-blooded players in Purefoods roster, they are Yousef Taha, Justin Melton, Rafi Reavis, Alex Mallari, Marc Pingris, Joe Devance, Don Allado, and Mick Pennisi.

➔ In PBA measurement Denzel Bowles is only 6-foot-8 3/16, but in NBA he measures 6-foot-10. The height limit for Purefoods for the Commissioner's Cup is only a 6-foot-9 import, no wonder why Bowles dominates against other imports because he is taller by an inch. NBA height: [See here]

➔ Did you know that Gerwin Gaco has 40,000 Twitter followers, and 17,000 Instagram followers?

➔ James Yap and Peter June Simon are currently the oldest players in Purefoods lineup in terms of years played for the Hotshots team. They are both drafted by Purefoods in year 2004.

➔ The youngest player in Purefoods lineup is Ian Sanglang. He was born on December 20, 1991.

➔ The oldest player on the other hand is Mick Pennisi, he was born on March 13, 1975.

➔ Did you know that Joe Devance and Reynel Hugnatan of Meralco Bolts are cousins?

➔ Did you know that Justin Melton's secret for having a very high leaping ability is eating "Balut"?

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