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08 April 2015

List of PBA 40 Greatest Players - Page 1

For this special PBA article we are showcasing the PBA 40 Greatest Players. 29 of these players are already retired while 11 are still active and playing in the PBA today. Please refer to the list below for more details. The list are ranked alphabetically. List 40 down to 31.

List of PBA 40 Greatest Players - Page 1

Name: Abet Guidaben Abet Guidaben
Name: Allan Caidic Allan Caidic
Name: Alvin Patrimonio Alvin Patrimonio
Name: Arwind Santos (active) Arwind Santos (active)
Name: Asi Taulava (active) Asi Taulava (active)
Name: Ato Agustin Ato Agustin
Name: Atoy Co Atoy Co
Name: Benjie Paras Benjie Paras
Name: Bernie Fabiosa Bernie Fabiosa
Name: Bogs Adornado Bogs Adornado
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