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18 May 2015

List of Philippine Business Bank Branches - Manila

The table below contains the list of Philippine Business Bank branches found in Manila. To easily find the branches that you are looking for, just press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type the address of the branches you are looking for and hit the Enter key. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Philippine Business Bank Branches

List of Philippine Business Bank Branches - Manila

Adriatico -Malate
G/F Hostel 1632
Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
Phone:353- 3258; 450-1482
Fax: 353-3262
Branch Head: Danilo D. Mendiola
Binondo Corporate Center
1126 Soler St. Binondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 242-0601; 242-7927; 310-3785
Fax: (632) 310-3784
Branch Head: Corazon Gutierrez
Carmen Planas
869 Carmen Planas St. Binondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 245-5066; 245-5083; 522-7972
Fax: (632) 245-5226
Branch Head: Alice P. Rañola
730 Elcano St., Binondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 241-9824; 241-5629
Fax: (632) 241-4287
Branch Head: Rosemarie T. Apostol
Jose Abad Santos
1737-1739 Jose Abad Santos, Tondo, Manila 
Phone: 230-2340; 230-4033; 964-8216
Fax: 230-4099
Branch Head: Antonio C. Chua
Paterno - Quiapo
707 Paterno St., Barangay 307, Quiapo, Manila
Phone: 354-9670; 354-9695; 310-5217
Fax: 354-9695
Branch Head: Darlene Daphne Sy 
Pedro Gil- Paco
1077 Pedro Gil St. Paco, Manila
Phone: 498-1952; 354-3239
Fax: 354-5141
Branch Head: Rowena L. Chua
Quintin Paredes
G/F Downtown Center Bldg. Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 242-8039; 242-0871; 241-7123
Fax: 242-0871
Branch Head: Debbie Tan

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