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02 June 2015

List of Fruits in the Philippines

The table below contains the list of fruits found here in the Philippines. There is a total of 33 fruits listed below. They are written from tagalog names and translated to their corresponding english names. The fruits are listed alphabetically. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Fruits in the Philippines

List of Fruits in the Philippines

Abakado (Avacado)
Aratiles (Jamaica Cherry, Muntingia)
Atis (Sugar Apple, Sweet sop)
Balimbing/Carambola (Star Fruit)
Bayabas (Guava)
Chesa (Lucuma)
Chico (Sapodilla)
Duhat (Java Plum)
Guyabano (Soursop)
Kaimito (Star Apple)
Kakaw (Cacao)
Kamatsile (Monkeypod)
Kamyas (Bilimbi Fruit)
Karamay, Bangkiling (Gooseberry)
Kasoy (Cashew)
Langka (Jackfruit)
Lansones (Lanzones)
Makopa (Malay Apple)
Mangga (Mango)
Niyog (Coconut)
Pakwan (Watermelon)
Pinya (Pineapple)
Saging (Banana)
Sampalok (Tamarind)
Santol (Wild Mangosteen)
Sinigwelas (Spanish Plum, Red Mombin)
Suha, Dalanghita, Calamansi (Citrus)
Susong Kalabaw (Carabao's Teat)

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