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03 July 2015

List of Payment Methods to Purchase R-Coins in Ran Online GS

The table below contains the list of all the payments methods that you can choose to buy R-coins (also e-points, e-pins, loads in Ran Online PH). Because the Ran PH is going to be migrated in the Ran GS (global server) the usual way of loading your account is not the same anymore and the R-coins are more expensive compared to e-pins/e-points. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Payment Methods to Purchase R-Coins in Ran Online GS

Payment Method: Gudang Voucher (e-payment solution)
Gudang Voucher
Payment Method: GoCash (the world's most popular game card)
Payment Method: MOL Points (the money Online)
MOL Points
Payment Method: Paypal (the safer, easier way to pay)
Payment Method: UniPin (voucher game online)
Payment Method: Xsolla (multi-payment method)
Payment Method: Subway (pay with Subway card, powered by OpenBucks)
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