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02 September 2015

List of UP Lady Maroons Volleyball Team Lineup 2015 UAAP Season 78

The table below contains the list of UP Lady Maroons Volleyball team lineup/roster for the 2015 UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines Season 78. Their head coach is Jerry Yee. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of UP Fighting Maroons Team Lineup 2015 UAAP Season 78

List of UP Lady Maroons Volleyball Team Lineup 2015 UAAP Season 78

Name Position Height
Jewel Hannah B. Lai Setter 5' 2"
Mae Angeli M. Basarte Setter 5' 4 1/2"
Maristela Genn Layug Middle Hitter 5' 11"
Arrianne Elise E. Ilustre Opposite Hitter 5' 5"
Chester Tanika R. Ong Middle Hitter 5' 8"
Caryl D. Sandoval Outside Hitter 5' 8"
Monica Maria L. Ortiz Opposite Hitter 5' 7"
Rose Mary Cailing Setter 5' 6"
Maria Lina Isabel M. Molde Outside Hitter 5' 6"
Marian Alisa L. Buitre Middle Hitter 5' 8"
Princess Ira A. Gaiser Libero 5' 2"
Justine M. Dorog Outside Hitter 5' 4 1/2"
Sheena Mae Chopitea Middle Hitter 5' 9"
Maria Aerielle L. Estrañero Libero 5' 6"
Diana Mae Carlos Opposite Hitter 5' 8"
Vina Vera E. Alinas Outside Hitter 5' 7"
Elise Patricia Siao Libero 5' 0"
Josette Thai Libero 5' 4"
Jamila Frances Cubelo Outside Hitter 5' 5"
Nicole Anne Z. Tiamzon Outside Hitter 5' 6"
Katherine Adrielle R. Bersola Middle Hitter 5' 10"
Iola Mia B. Pablo Middle Hitter 5' 11"
Aiesha Raposa Middle Hitter 5' 9"
April Romero Middle Hitter 5’ 7"
Jessma Clarice E. Ramos Opposite Hitter 5' 8"
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