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13 October 2015

List of 5 September 2015 Approved applicants for registration without examination as Medical Laboratory Technicians

The table below contains the list of September 5th, 2015 approved applicants for registration without examination as Medical Laboratory Technicians. As quoted from the PRC website:

"For consideration of the Board are the following applications for registration without examination as Medical Laboratory Technicians, pursuant to Section 21(3) of Republic Act No. 5527, Known as the "Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969", as amended.

1. AGUILLON, Mary Grace Calooy   Mar. 2015 70.00%
2. ANASARIAS, Shelly Castillo  Mar. 2015  72.10%
3. CAGAOAN, Ayrah Camille Saquing  Sep. 2014  72.90%
4. CANETE, Loren Gay - Tedlos  Sep. 2014  71.20%
5. DOMINGSIL, Apple Joy Bilango  Mar. 2015  71.10%
6. HERNANDEZ, Mary Anne Mendoza  Mar. 2015  71.60%
7. QUERIMIT, Debbie Kate Dereche  Aug. 2013  71.90%
8. REYES, Perpetua Mercado  Mar. 2015  72.60%
9. RICARDO, Joann Cacacho  Mar. 2015  72.00%
10. SANTOS, Cyril Jade Magaoay  Mar .2015  71.00%
11. VILLAHERMOSA, Jed Domingo  Mar. 2015  72.70%
Upon evaluation of the documents submitted in support of their respective application. The Board finds that the above named applicants have met all the legal qualifications and conditions.

NOW THEREFORE, the Board RESOLVES, as it is hereby RESOLVED, to allow their registration as Medical Laboratory Technicians. Upon approval hereof by the Commissions, let their respective Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card be issued, after they shall have registered and taken their oath as professionals."


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