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12 October 2015

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Agusan del Sur

The table below contains the list of all the public senior high schools found in Agusan del Sur published by the Department of Education or DepEd. Included on the list are the municipalities, school ID, school names, and program offerings. To easily find your school, just press Ctrl F on your keyboard, type the school name and hit enter. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Quoted from the DepEd website: "5,813 public schools, operated and funded by DepEd, will begin offering Grade 11 in 2016 and Grade 12 in 2017. These public schools will utilize new classrooms and facilities constructed under the 2014 and 2015 budgets of DepEd or other fund sources, or use available facilities for Senior High School."

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Agusan del Sur

Municipality School ID School Name Program Offerings
Bunawan 304709 Bunawan National High School STEM, GAS, TVL
Bunawan 304718 Libertad NHS GAS, TVL
City Of Bayugan 304707 Bayugan NCHS STEM
City Of Bayugan 304723 Marcelina NHS GAS, TVL
City Of Bayugan 304724 Mount Olive National High School GAS
City Of Bayugan 304728 Noli National High School HUMSS, TVL
City Of Bayugan 304729 Calaitan NHS GAS
City Of Bayugan 304732 Salvacion NHS GAS
City Of Bayugan PSA328308 SHS in Bayugan City ABM, TVL
Esperanza 304712 Esperanza NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Esperanza 304713 Guadalupe NHS TVL
Esperanza 317414 Hawilian National High School TVL
Esperanza 317415 San Toribio NHS GAS, TVL
Esperanza 317423 Nato Nhs GAS
Esperanza 317424 Duangan Nhs GAS
Esperanza 317425 Oro Nhs TVL
Esperanza 317439 Sta. Fe Nhs TVL
Esperanza 317440 Catmonon Nhs GAS
Esperanza 317441 Salug Nhs TVL
La Paz 304716 La Paz NHS GAS, TVL
La Paz 317401 Panagangan NHS GAS
Loreto 304708 Binucayan NHS GAS
Loreto 304714 Kasapa NHS TVL
Loreto 304715 Waloe NHS TVL
Loreto 304719 Loreto NHS GAS, TVL
Loreto 304734 San Isidro NHS TVL
Loreto 304751 Sto. Tomas NHS GAS, TVL
Loreto 317421 Johnson Nhs TVL
Loreto 317427 Nueva Gracia Nhs TVL
Loreto 317431 Magaud Nhs GAS
Loreto 317446 San Vicente Nhs GAS
Prosperidad (Capital) 304704 Agusan del Sur National Science HS STEM
Prosperidad (Capital) 304720 Los Arcos NHS GAS
Prosperidad (Capital) 304721 Mabuhay Nhs GAS
Prosperidad (Capital) 304722 Lucena NHS TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 304730 Patin-ay HS TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 304731 Prosperidad NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 304749 Sta. Irene NHS GAS, TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 317404 San Vicente NHS TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 317405 Azpetia NHS GAS, TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 317428 West Prosperidad Nhs TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 317430 San Jose Nhs TVL
Prosperidad (Capital) 317444 Aurora Nhs TVL
Rosario 304744 Sta. Cruz NHS GAS, TVL
Rosario 304745 Bayugan III NHS GAS, TVL
Rosario 304747 Datu Lipus Makapandong National High School GAS, TVL
Rosario 304748 Marfil NHS TVL
Rosario 317429 Novele Nhs TVL
San Francisco 304703 Agusan del Sur National High School STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
San Francisco 304711 Democrito O. Plaza MHS GAS, TVL
San Francisco 304717 Lapinigan NHS GAS, TVL
San Francisco 317402 Bayugan II National High School TVL
San Francisco 317403 Lapinigan NHS - New Visayas Ext. TVL
San Francisco 317426 Buena Suerte NHS TVL
San Luis 304736 San Luis NHS GAS, TVL
San Luis 304737 Anislagan NHS TVL
San Luis 304738 Cecilia NHS TVL
San Luis 304739 Laminga NHS GAS, TVL
San Luis 317418 Balit HS TVL
Santa Josefa 304750 Sta. Josefa NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Santa Josefa 317413 Aurora NHS TVL
Santa Josefa 317419 Sayon Nhs TVL
Sibagat 304726 New Tubigon National High School of Home Industries GAS, TVL
Sibagat 304741 Magsaysay Nhs TVL
Sibagat 304743 Padiay Nhs TVL
Sibagat 317442 Afga Nhs GAS, TVL
Talacogon 304710 Del Monte NHS GAS, TVL
Talacogon 304752 Talacogon NHS GAS, TVL
Talacogon 304755 Zillovia NHS GAS, TVL
Talacogon 317411 Desamparados Nhs GAS
Talacogon 317416 Causwagan NHS TVL
Talacogon 317422 Corpuz Nhs TVL
Talacogon 317432 Labnig NHS TVL
Talacogon 317433 Buena Gracia Nhs TVL
Talacogon 317434 Marbon Nhs TVL
Talacogon 317435 Maharlika Nhs TVL
Talacogon 317436 Sabang Gibong Nhs TVL
Trento 304705 Sta. Maria NHS TVL
Trento 304753 Trento NHS STEM, ABM, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design
Trento 317407 Manat NHS TVL
Trento 317409 Kapatungan NHS TVL
Trento 317412 Pulang Lupa NHS TVL
Trento 317437 Salvacion Nhs TVL
Trento 317438 San Roque Nhs TVL
Trento 317443 San Isidro Nhs TVL
Veruela 304733 Sampaguita NHS GAS, TVL
Veruela 304754 Veruela NHS GAS, TVL
Veruela 317406 La Fortuna NHS TVL
Veruela 317408 Sinobong NHS TVL
Veruela 317445 Veruela NHS Annex - Nueva Era HS TVL

  • ABM - Accountancy, Business, and Management 
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • GAS - General Academic Strand
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
  • Sports Track
  • Arts and Design Track

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