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List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Camarines Sur

The table below contains the list of all the public senior high schools found in Camarines Sur published by the Department of Education or DepEd. Included on the list are the municipalities, school ID, school names, and program offerings. To easily find your school, just press Ctrl F on your keyboard, type the school name and hit enter. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Quoted from the DepEd website: "5,813 public schools, operated and funded by DepEd, will begin offering Grade 11 in 2016 and Grade 12 in 2017. These public schools will utilize new classrooms and facilities constructed under the 2014 and 2015 budgets of DepEd or other fund sources, or use available facilities for Senior High School."

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Camarines Sur

Municipality School ID School Name Program Offerings
Baao 301926 Agdangan HS GAS, TVL
Baao 301931 Baao National HS STEM, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design
Baao 301932 Nonito Paz Arroyo MNHS GAS
Baao 301933 Eusebia Paz Arroyo Mem. NHS GAS, TVL
Baao 301956 Caranday HS TVL
Balatan 301960 Coguit HS TVL
Balatan 302014 Pararao HS GAS, TVL
Balatan 302059 Tapayas HS GAS, TVL
Balatan 309725 Laganac HS GAS, TVL
Balatan 309759 Pulang Daga High School TVL
Bato 301997 Masoli HS GAS, TVL
Bato 302026 Salvacion HS, Bato GAS, TVL
Bato 302027 San Roque High School GAS, TVL
Bato 302044 Bato NHS STEM, GAS, TVL
Bato 309746 Salvacion HS, Bato - Payak Annex HS GAS, TVL
Bombon 302053 Sulpicio A. Roco MHS GAS, TVL
Bombon 309707 Siembre HS GAS
Buhi 302043 San Vicente NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Buhi 302050 Sta. Justina HS GAS, TVL
Buhi 302057 Tambo NHS GAS, TVL
Buhi 309709 Buhi SPED Integrated School GAS
Bula 301938 Balaogan National HS GAS
Bula 301947 Bula NHS STEM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Bula 301948 Bula NHS - Caorasan Annex HS GAS
Bula 301959 Casugad HS TVL
Bula 301971 Fabrica HS TVL
Bula 301982 Inoyonan HS STEM, TVL
Bula 302007 Ombao HS TVL
Bula 302010 Palsong NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Bula 302041 San Ramon HS, Bula TVL
Bula 309760 Fabrica HS - La Victoria Annex HS TVL
Cabusao 301942 Barcelonita Fisheries School GAS, TVL
Cabusao 302051 Sta. Lutgarda HS GAS, TVL
Calabanga 301952 Calabanga NHS STEM, ABM, GAS, TVL
Calabanga 301953 Quipayo HS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Calabanga 301954 Sabang National HS GAS, TVL
Calabanga 301955 West Coast HS TVL
Calabanga 301983 Jose De Villa NHS GAS, TVL
Calabanga 301998 Medroso-Mendoza NHS GAS
Calabanga 302065 Union NHS GAS, TVL
Camaligan 302052 Camaligan National High School ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Canaman 301995 Mangayawan High School GAS
Canaman 302049 Sta. Cruz HS GAS, TVL
Canaman 309735 Sta. Cruz HS - Northern Canaman Annex HS GAS, TVL
Caramoan 301943 Bikal Fisheries School TVL
Caramoan 301974 Gibgos National High School TVL
Caramoan 301978 Guijalo NHS GAS, TVL
Caramoan 302008 Oring NHS TVL
Caramoan 302055 Tabgon HS GAS, TVL
Caramoan 302060 Bonifacio D. Borebor Sr. HS (formerly:Tawog NHS) GAS, TVL
Caramoan 302061 Bonifacio D. Borebor Sr. HS - Eastern Coast Annex HS GAS
Caramoan 302062 Bonifacio D. Borebor Sr. HS - Northern Peninsula Annex HS GAS
Del Gallego 301966 Del Gallego NHS GAS, TVL
Del Gallego 301996 Mansalaya National High School TVL
Del Gallego 302046 Sinuknipan NHS GAS, TVL
Gainza 301973 Gainza National HS GAS, TVL
Garchitorena 301937 Bahi HS GAS, TVL
Garchitorena 301944 Binagasbasan NHS TVL
Garchitorena 301945 Binagasbasan NHS - Denrica Annex HS GAS
Garchitorena 301949 Burabod NHS GAS
Garchitorena 302011 Pambuhan NHS GAS, TVL
Goa 301975 Goa NHS STEM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Goa 301976 Pinaglabanan High School GAS, TVL
Goa 302054 Tabgon HS, Goa GAS, TVL
Goa 309738 Payatan HS GAS
Goa 309740 Visita De Salog HS GAS
Goa 309741 Juan L. Filipino MHS GAS, TVL
Iriga City 114422SHS SHS within San Agustin ES STEM, TVL
Iriga City 302249 Perpetual Help NHS ABM, GAS, TVL
Iriga City 302250 Sta. Maria HS TVL
Iriga City 302251 Rinconada National Technical Vocational School TVL
Iriga City 302252 Sagrada NHS TVL
Iriga City 302254 San Antonio NHS HUMSS, TVL
Iriga City 302256 Sto. Niño NHS STEM
Iriga City 310103 Cristo Rey IS TVL
Iriga City 310104 Santiago IS TVL
Lagonoy 301939 Balaton NHS TVL
Lagonoy 301940 Himanag Nationa High School GAS, TVL
Lagonoy 301963 Dahat National Vocational HS GAS, TVL
Lagonoy 302039 San Ramon Pilot NHS, Lagonoy (frmerly:Sn.Ramon Pilot HS) GAS, TVL
Lagonoy 302040 Panagan HS GAS, TVL
Lagonoy 309768 Cabotonan High School GAS
Libmanan 301935 Bahao HS TVL
Libmanan 301936 Bahay PHS GAS, TVL
Libmanan 301970 Don Teofilo H. Dilanco MHS GAS, TVL
Libmanan 301990 Malansad Nuevo HS GAS, TVL
Libmanan 301993 Mambayawas HS TVL
Libmanan 301994 Mambulo Nuevo High School GAS, TVL, Sports
Libmanan 302009 Palangon High School TVL
Libmanan 302033 San Isidro NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Libmanan 302037 San Juan National High School HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Libmanan 309711 Mantalisay HS GAS, TVL
Libmanan 309736 Dr. Nelson A. Mejia HS GAS
Libmanan 309744 Don Mariano C. San Juan HS GAS
Libmanan 309745 Northern Plain HS TVL
Libmanan 309747 Carmel HS TVL
Libmanan 309758 Eduardo V. Agomaa HS TVL
Libmanan 309765 Pag-Oring Nuevo HS GAS
Libmanan 309770 San Pablo Integrated School GAS
Lupi 301958 Casay Provincial High School GAS, TVL
Lupi 301961 Colacling HS GAS, TVL
Lupi 301979 Haluban NHS GAS
Lupi 301980 San Jose (Alanao) HS GAS
Lupi 301988 Lupi-Iligan HS GAS, TVL
Magarao 301957 Doroteo Federis, Sr. NHS (frmerly: Carangcang HS) TVL
Magarao 302034 Magarao NHS (formerly San Isidro NHS) GAS, TVL
Magarao 309712 Ponong Integrated School TVL
Milaor 301999 Milaor NHS STEM, GAS, TVL
Milaor 302030 San Antonio NHS TVL
Milaor 309748 Milaor NHS - Dalipay Annex HS GAS
Milaor 309764 R.T. Subastil Memorial HS GAS
Minalabac 301981 Hobo HS GAS, TVL
Minalabac 302000 Minalabac NHS GAS, TVL
Minalabac 302025 Sagrada Familia High School GAS, TVL
Minalabac 302066 Villamayor HS GAS, TVL
Minalabac 302067 Villamayor HS - Bagolatao Annex HS TVL
Minalabac 309731 Antipolo HS, Minalabac TVL
Nabua 301985 La Purisima HS GAS, TVL
Nabua 301991 Malawag National High School GAS, TVL
Nabua 301992 Tandaay Provincial HS GAS, TVL
Nabua 302001 Nabua NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Nabua 302002 Lourdes PHS GAS
Nabua 302003 Victor Bernal Provincial High School GAS, TVL
Naga City 302264 Camarines Sur National High School ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design, Sports
Naga City 302265 Cararayan National High School GAS, TVL
Naga City 302266 Carolina National High School GAS, TVL
Naga City 302267 Concepcion Pequeña National High School GAS, TVL
Naga City 302268 Naga City Science High School STEM, ABM, TVL
Naga City 302269 Naga City School of Arts and Trades GAS, TVL
Naga City 310301 Tinago National High School GAS, TVL
Naga City 310302 Leon Q. Mercado HS (Formerly CSNHS-Pacol Annex) GAS, TVL
Ocampo 302006 Ocampo NHS STEM, GAS, TVL
Ocampo 309704 Hanawan National HS GAS, TVL
Pamplona 301968 Don Mariano C. Veneracion HS GAS, TVL
Pamplona 302012 Pamplona NHS GAS, TVL
Pamplona 302021 Ramon B. Felipe Sr. NHS (frmerly: San Vicente HS) GAS, TVL
Pamplona 302032 Maura N. Sibulo National HS GAS, TVL
Pamplona 309723 Del Rosario National HS GAS
Pamplona 309757 Cagbibi HS GAS
Pasacao 301964 Dalupaon National High School GAS, TVL
Pasacao 301965 Rolando R. Andaya, Sr. MHS GAS, TVL
Pasacao 309702 Juan F. Trivino MHS (frmerly: Pasacao Sch. of Fisheries) GAS, TVL
Pasacao 309718 Dalupaon NHS - Tinalmud Annex PHS GAS, TVL
Pasacao 309732 Dr. Lorenzo P. Ziga MHS GAS, TVL
Pasacao 309769 Pasacao Municipal High School TVL
Pili (Capital) 301946 Binanuaanan NHS GAS, TVL
Pili (Capital) 301962 Altamarino-Clasio High School (formerly Curry High School) TVL
Pili (Capital) 302016 Pili NHS, Pili STEM, ABM, GAS, TVL
Pili (Capital) 302017 Pili NHS, Pili - Gov.Mariano E. Villafuerte Annex HS GAS, TVL
Pili (Capital) 302022 Rodriguez NHS GAS, TVL
Pili (Capital) 309716 San Jose Pili NHS ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Pili (Capital) 309719 Doña Basilia S. Quilon Memorial High School TVL
Pili (Capital) 309749 Binobong HS TVL
Pili (Capital) 309762 Binanuaanan NHS - Sagurong Annex HS TVL
Pili (Capital) 309763 Camarines Sur Sports Academy Sports
Presentacion (Parubcan) 301989 Federico P. Condat NHS (frmerly: Maangas HS ) GAS, TVL
Presentacion (Parubcan) 302019 Presentacion NHS (formerly:Pili NHS) GAS, TVL
Presentacion (Parubcan) 309703 Bitaogan NHS GAS
Presentacion (Parubcan) 309713 Buenavista NHS TVL
Presentacion (Parubcan) 309739 Bantugan NHS GAS
Presentacion (Parubcan) 309772 Lidong High School GAS
Ragay 301929 Simeon Tycangco MHS GAS, TVL
Ragay 301930 Sisa Feliciano MHS GAS, TVL
Ragay 301967 Don M. Gonzalvo MHS ABM, GAS, TVL
Ragay 301977 Godofredo Reyes, Sr. National HS GAS, TVL
Ragay 302020 Ragay Nat'l Agr'l & Fisheries School (RNAFS) GAS, TVL
Ragay 302064 Tomas A. Andaya, Sr. NHS GAS, TVL
Ragay 309750 RNAFS - Cristobal D. Aquino Memorial Annex High School TVL
Ragay 309751 RNAFS- Ragay Science and Math Oriented Annex HS STEM
Sagñay 302045 Sibaguan Agro-Industrial HS TVL
Sagñay 309708 Catalotoan HS TVL
Sagñay 309714 Dr. Rodolfo V. Pamor MHS - Sagñay Southeastern Annex HS TVL
Sagñay 309715 Nato National High School GAS, TVL
Sagñay 309752 Dr. Rodolfo V. Pamor Jr. MNHS -Sagñay Western Annex HS GAS
San Fernando 301987 Lupi National High School GAS, TVL
San Fernando 302013 Pamukid National High School GAS, TVL
San Fernando 302031 San Fernando NHS GAS, TVL
San Fernando 309705 Pinamasagan NHS GAS, TVL
San Jose 301984 Vivencio Obias - Kinalansan NHS (formerly: Kinalansan NHS) GAS, TVL
San Jose 302035 Rangas-Ramos NHS (frmerly:Sn Jose Fish.Sch.) GAS, TVL
San Jose 302036 San Jose NHS, San Jose STEM, GAS, TVL
San Jose 309753 Salogon HS GAS
San Jose 309771 Villafuerte-Peña High School TVL
Sipocot 301927 Anib NHS GAS, TVL
Sipocot 301951 Caima National High School GAS, TVL
Sipocot 302047 Sipocot NHS STEM, ABM, GAS, TVL
Sipocot 302068 Villazar NHS GAS, TVL
Sipocot 309717 San Vicente HS GAS
Sipocot 309743 Bolo Norte HS GAS, TVL
Sipocot 309755 Sacred Heart HS GAS, TVL
Sipocot 309767 Manangle High School GAS
Siruma 301972 Siruma NHS - Fundado Annex High School GAS
Siruma 302048 Siruma NHS GAS, TVL
Siruma 302058 Tandoc HS GAS, TVL
Siruma 302069 Vito HS GAS, TVL
Tigaon 301986 La Salvacion NHS GAS, TVL
Tigaon 302015 Partido Agro-Industrial NHS TVL
Tigaon 302029 Tinawagan NHS GAS
Tigaon 302038 San Rafael NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design
Tigaon 309721 Huyonhuyon HS GAS, TVL
Tigaon 309766 San Rafael National High School - Cabalinadan Annex HS TVL
Tinambac 301928 Antipolo National HS, Tinambac GAS, TVL
Tinambac 301934 Bagacay HS GAS, TVL
Tinambac 301941 Banga HS GAS
Tinambac 301950 Gregorio Ocampo Bercasio MHS (frmerly: Cagliliog HS) GAS, TVL
Tinambac 301969 Don Servillano Platon Memorial NHS ABM, GAS, TVL
Tinambac 302023 Sagrada NHS, Tinambac GAS
Tinambac 302024 Magsaysay NHS GAS, TVL
Tinambac 302042 San Ramon PHS, Tinambac GAS
Tinambac 302056 Tamban NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Tinambac 302063 Tierra Nevada HS GAS, TVL
Tinambac 309724 Agay-ayan NHS GAS
Tinambac 309734 Buenavista HS GAS
Tinambac 309742 Canayonan NHS GAS

  • ABM - Accountancy, Business, and Management 
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • GAS - General Academic Strand
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
  • Sports Track
  • Arts and Design Track

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