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08 October 2015

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Ilocos Sur

The table below contains the list of all the public senior high schools found in Ilocos Sur published by the Department of Education or DepEd. Included on the list are the municipalities, school ID, school names, and program offerings. To easily find your school, just press Ctrl F on your keyboard, type the school name and hit enter. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Quoted from the DepEd website: "5,813 public schools, operated and funded by DepEd, will begin offering Grade 11 in 2016 and Grade 12 in 2017. These public schools will utilize new classrooms and facilities constructed under the 2014 and 2015 budgets of DepEd or other fund sources, or use available facilities for Senior High School."

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Ilocos Sur

Municipality School ID School Name Program Offerings
Alilem 300033 Alilem NHS (Alilem Daya HS) GAS, TVL
Banayoyo 300037 Banayoyo NHS STEM, TVL
Bantay 300038 Bantay NHS GAS, TVL
Burgos 300041 Burgos NHS TVL
Cabugao 300043 Cabugao NHS HUMSS, TVL
Cabugao 300055 Lipit NHS STEM
Cabugao 320908 Sisim NHS TVL
Caoayan 300045 Caoayan NHS TVL
Caoayan 300066 Pantay Tamurong National High School GAS
Caoayan 300068 Puro NHS, Caoayan GAS, TVL
Cervantes 300046 Cervantes NHS STEM, GAS, TVL
City Of Candon 300044 Candon National High School STEM, ABM, HUMSS, TVL
City Of Candon 300047 Candon City High School GAS, TVL
City Of Candon 300051 Dr. Ricardo Gacula Memorial National High School GAS, TVL
City Of Candon 300083 Sto. Tomas National High School GAS, TVL
City Of Candon 322601 Candon City Information Technology NHS GAS, TVL
City Of Vigan (Capital) 300052 Ilocos Sur NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
City Of Vigan (Capital) 300088 Vigan East NHS (Vigan NHS East) GAS
City Of Vigan (Capital) 300089 Vigan West NHS (Vigan NHS West) GAS
Galimuyod 300064 Pagangpang NHS TVL
Gregorio Del Pilar (Concepcion) 300048 G. DEL PILAR NHS ABM
Lidlidda 300054 Lidlidda NHS GAS
Magsingal 300057 Magsingal NHS ABM, HUMSS, TVL
Magsingal 300058 Manzante NHS TVL
Magsingal 300069 Puro NHS, Magsingal TVL
Nagbukel 300059 Nagbukel NHS GAS, TVL
Narvacan 300053 Imelda NHS TVL
Narvacan 300063 Narvacan Nat'l. Central HS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Narvacan 300076 San Pedro NHS STEM
Narvacan 300084 Sulvec IS STEM
Quirino (Angkaki) 300070 Quirino NHS GAS, TVL
Salcedo (Baugen) 300050 Dinaratan NHS TVL
Salcedo (Baugen) 300073 Salcedo NHS GAS, TVL
San Emilio 300074 San Emilio NHS STEM
San Esteban 300075 San Esteban NHS HUMSS, TVL
San Ildefonso 300040 Belen NHS GAS
San Juan (Lapog) 300035 SAN JUAN NHS STEM, GAS, TVL
San Juan (Lapog) 300081 Solotsolot NHS STEM, TVL
San Vicente 320905 San Vicente IS GAS, TVL
San Vicente 320909 San Sebastian NHS GAS
Santa 320901 Mabilbila IS STEM, TVL
Santa Cruz 300034 Amarao NHS GAS
Santa Cruz 300049 Dili NHS GAS, TVL
Santa Lucia 300065 Palali NHS GAS
Santa Lucia 300072 Teodoro Hernaez NHS STEM, ABM, GAS
Santa Maria 300077 Santa Maria NHS STEM, ABM, GAS, TVL
Santiago 300078 Santiago NHS GAS, TVL
Santo Domingo 300056 Lussoc NHS STEM, TVL
Santo Domingo 300060 Naglaoa-an NHS GAS
Sigay 300079 Sigay NHS TVL
Sinait 300080 Sinait NHS STEM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Sinait 320906 Binacud IS TVL
Sugpon 300036 Sugpon NHS HUMSS, TVL
Suyo 300085 Suyo NHS HUMSS, TVL
Suyo 320904 Suyo NHS Annex GAS
Tagudin 300086 Tagudin NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Tagudin 320903 Pudoc West Integrated School TVL
Tagudin 320910 Ambalayat IS TVL

  • ABM - Accountancy, Business, and Management 
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • GAS - General Academic Strand
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
  • Sports Track
  • Arts and Design Track

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