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12 October 2015

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Sultan Kudarat

The table below contains the list of all the public senior high schools found in Sultan Kudarat published by the Department of Education or DepEd. Included on the list are the municipalities, school ID, school names, and program offerings. To easily find your school, just press Ctrl F on your keyboard, type the school name and hit enter. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Quoted from the DepEd website: "5,813 public schools, operated and funded by DepEd, will begin offering Grade 11 in 2016 and Grade 12 in 2017. These public schools will utilize new classrooms and facilities constructed under the 2014 and 2015 budgets of DepEd or other fund sources, or use available facilities for Senior High School."

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Sultan Kudarat

Municipality School ID School Name Program Offerings
Bagumbayan 304580 Bagumbayan NHS GAS, TVL
Bagumbayan 304582 Masiag NHS - Bagumbayan Annex GAS, TVL
Bagumbayan 304584 Bai Saripinang NHS GAS, TVL
Bagumbayan 304587 Busok NHS GAS, TVL
Bagumbayan 316803 Biwang HS (Bagumbayan NHS ( Biwang Annex)) TVL
Columbio 304588 Columbio NHS GAS, TVL
Columbio 304625 Telafas NHS GAS, TVL
Esperanza 304589 Esperanza NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design
Esperanza 304613 New Panay NHS GAS, TVL
Esperanza 316805 Esperanza NHS - Salumping NHS Annex GAS, TVL
Isulan (Capital) 304585 Bambad NHS GAS, TVL
Isulan (Capital) 304590 Isulan NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Isulan (Capital) 304596 Laguilayan NHS GAS, TVL
Isulan (Capital) 304614 New Pangasinan NHS TVL
Kalamansig 304591 Kalamansig National High School GAS, TVL
Kalamansig 304593 Kalamansig NHS - Annex B TVL
Kalamansig 304623 Santa Clara NHS GAS, TVL
Lambayong (Mariano Marcos) 304595 Kapingkong NHS GAS, TVL
Lambayong (Mariano Marcos) 304597 Lambayong NHS (Mariano Marcos NHS) GAS, TVL
Lambayong (Mariano Marcos) 304598 Lambayong NHS (Mariano Marcos NHS) - Pimbalayan HS Annex GAS, TVL
Lambayong (Mariano Marcos) 304607 Madanding NHS TVL
Lambayong (Mariano Marcos) 304609 Mamali NHS GAS, TVL
Lebak 304586 E. Arcano Mem. NHS (Basak NHS) GAS, TVL
Lebak 304603 Villamonte NHS ( Lebak NHS Main) GAS, TVL
Lebak 304604 Lebak NHS - Annex Keytodac HS GAS, TVL
Lebak 304605 Lebak Legislated HS STEM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design
Lebak 304619 Purikay NHS GAS, TVL
Lutayan 304606 Lutayan NHS STEM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL
Palimbang 304610 Milbuk NHS GAS, TVL
Palimbang 304611 Milbuk NHS - Baluan NHS Annex TVL
Palimbang 304615 Palimbang NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
President Quirino 304594 Kalanawe II NHS TVL
President Quirino 304617 Pres. Quirino NHS GAS, TVL
Sen. Ninoy Aquino 304599 Langgal NHS GAS, TVL
Sen. Ninoy Aquino 304601 Gapok HS (Langgal NHS - Gapok HS) TVL
Sen. Ninoy Aquino 304602 Sen. Ninoy Aquino NHS TVL
Sen. Ninoy Aquino 316802 Langgal NHS - Sewod NHS Annex TVL
Tacurong City 304579 A.S. Bernardo Mem. NHS GAS, TVL
Tacurong City 304620 Rajah Muda HS GAS
Tacurong City 304622 San Emmanuel NHS GAS, TVL
Tacurong City 304624 Tacurong NHS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, TVL
Tacurong City 304627 V.F. Grino Mem. NHS GAS, TVL

  • ABM - Accountancy, Business, and Management 
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • GAS - General Academic Strand
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
  • Sports Track
  • Arts and Design Track

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