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14 December 2015

List of Sardines or Sardinas Products in the Philippines

The table below contains the list of canned sardines products here in the Philippines. Sardinas is the tagalog name for Sardines and it is a very popular food here in the Philippines specially for the poor people. I love to eat "Tortang Sardinas". It is a crushed sardines mixed with egg, and sliced onions and then fried. On the other hand please refer to the list below to see some of the sardines products here in our country.

List of Sardines or Sardinas Products in the Philippines

List of Sardines or Sardinas Products in the Philippines

Sardines Product Name
1 555 Sardines
2 Atlantic Sardines
3 Capitan del Mar Sardines
4 Century Qualify Sardines
5 Dona Elena Spanish Sardines
6 El Negrense Spicy Sardines
7 Family's Brand Sardines
8 Hakone Sardines
9 Ligo Sardines
10 Magallanes Sardines
11 Marisco Spanish Style Sardines
12 Masagana Sardines
13 Master Sardines
14 Mega Sardines
15 Mikado Brand Sardines
16 Miko Premium Sardines
17 Montano Spanish Style Sardines
18 Nuar Sardines
19 Nuri Spiced Portugese Sardines
20 Pan de Manila Sardines
21 Paradiso Sardines
22 Saba Sardines
23 Spanish Sardines
24 Tita Rosa Spanish Style Bottled Sardines
25 Toyo Sardines
26 Uni-Pak
27 Vega Sardines
28 Victorias Sardines
29 Young's Town Sardines
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