The list below contains the list of all the requirements needed when you are getting the CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage document here in the Philippines. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Requirements Getting CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marraige

1. You only need to fill up the Application form (Download form here). To avoid hassle inside the PSA office you can already download, print and fill up the form in advance so that when you are already there you will just give it to the counter.

2. Bring money, about 500 to 1000 pesos to be sure.

3. If you are going to fill up the form inside the PSA office make sure you know your father's complete name and your mother's complete maiden name (nung dalaga pa sya).

4. Of course you also have to know when and where is your birthplace and birth date.

Based on my experience, I didn't get the CENOMAR the same day I submitted the form. The staffs there told me and my future wife that it will be released after 4 working days. So if you wanted to get it in exactly 4 days you need to go the PSA office during Mondays & Tuesday.

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