The table below contains the list of the top 10 most notable and most popular imports ever played in the history of the Philippine Basketball Association for the Commissioner's Cup conferences. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Top 10 Most Notable PBA Commissioner's Cup Imports in History

TOP: 10
Name: Chris King
Height: 6-foot-8-inches
Team(s) Played: Gordon's Gin & San Miguel Beermen
TOP: 9
Name: Denzel Bowles
Height: 6-foot-9-inches
Team(s) Played: B-meg Llamados & Purefoods
TOP: 8
Name: Henry James
Height: 6-foot-8-inches
Team(s) Played: Ginebra
TOP: 7
Name: Mitchell Wiggins
Height: 6-foot-4-inches
Team(s) Played: La Tondena Rhum Masters
TOP: 6
Name: Rob Dozier
Height: 6-foot-9-inches
Team(s) Played: Alaska
TOP: 5
Name: Ronnie Thompkins
Height: 6-foot-5-inches
Team(s) Played: Swift & Purefoods
TOP: 4
Name: Daniel Orton
Height: 6-foot-10-inches
Team(s) Played: Purefoods
TOP: 3
Name: Jerald Honeycutt
Height: 6-foot-9-inches
Team(s) Played: Ginebra & Talk N Text
TOP: 2
Name: Renaldo Balkman
Height: 6-foot-9-inches
Team(s) Played: Petron Blaze Boosters
TOP: 1
Name: Ken Redfield
Height: 6-foot-5-inches
Team(s) Played: Purefoods, Shell, & Pepsi

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