The table below contains the list of all the possible cheatings that may happen during the May 2016 elections here in the Philippines. All the forms of cheatings included below were gathered from Pulse Asia. According to the survey, 65% of Filipinos believed that vote-buying will be the most used way of cheating. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of 9 Forms Cheating that may happen during the May 2016 ELECTIONS

TOP: 9
Brownouts (0.2%)

TOP: 8
PCOS machines may be stolen (16%)
TOP: 7
Threatening voters and election officers (18%)
TOP: 6
Ballots inserted in the PCOS machines may be replaced (24%)
TOP: 5
Hoarding voters (25%)
TOP: 4
Flying voters (31%)
TOP: 3
Change the actual vote count (32%)
TOP: 2
Tampering of PCOS Machines (37%)
TOP: 1
Vote-buying (65%)

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