The list below contains all the information regarding Senator Grace Poe main advocacies for the May 2016 Elections. If ever she wins as the president of the Philippines she promised to do the advocacies below for our country.

List of Senator Grace Poe Main Advocacies if She Becomes the President for May 2016 Elections

List of Senator Grace Poe Main Advocacies for May 2016 Elections

Poverty reduction 
"Tumataas ang GDP, dumarami naman ang GNP - ang gutom na Pilipino."

Children's welfare
"For growth to be inclusive, we must give the youth and typhoon victims all the opportunities they need."

Electoral reform 
"We need to prevent ‘high-tech’ election fraud from making a mockery of our electoral system."

Freedom of information 
"I think it is a form of censorship to dictate upon the media how they present the news."

Safe and effective mass transport 
"I personally experienced what it is like to ride the MRT, and I saw what our commuters have to endure everyday."


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