The list below contains all the information regarding Vice-President Jejomar Binay main advocacies for the May 2016 Elections. If ever he wins as the president of the Philippines he promised to do the advocacies below for our country.

List of VP Jejomar Binay Main Advocacies if He Becomes the President for May 2016 Elections

List of VP Jejomar Binay Main Advocacies for May 2016 Elections

Poverty reduction 
"Expansion is meaningless…when it does not alleviate poverty, when economic gains are not shared…"

Job creation
"It is…imperative that reforms be made in our agricultural sector to improve job generation."

Protection and promotion of rights of OFWs 
"At the inception of the chain, the migrant worker leaves home because he has run out of choices…because home no longer offers opportunities for him."

Welfare of senior citizens 
"You are always near my heart because we owe you the wisdom of the ages."

Increased benefits of public school teachers 
"I was…fortunate enough to have been under the tutelage of teachers who taught, not merely because it was their job to do so, but because they… loved their profession."

Mass housing 
"Proactive financing strategies and interventions can help spur housing sector development."

Addressing mass transport problem 
"We support the rehabilitation of the PNR. It’s just unfortunate that after a hundred years, the national railways have degenerated."


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