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01 April 2016

List of Tournament Format 2016 OPPO PBA Commissioner's Cup

The list below contains the information about the conference or tournament format of the 2016 OPPO PBA Commissioner's Cup. Have some time and carefully read and examine the information below to know whether your favorite team will have the chance to be the champion for this conference.

List of Tournament Format 2016 OPPO PBA Commissioner's Cup

» Single Round Robin (total of 11 games per team)
» Top 8 teams will advance to the Quarterfinal round
» Bottom 4 teams will be eliminated
» If there are ties it will be break via game (only for #2 and #8 seeding)

QUARTERFINALS: (No. 1 & 2 teams will have the twice-to-beat advantage)
» Q1: No.1 vs No. 8
» Q2: No. 2 vs No. 7
» Q3: No. 3 vs No. 6 (Best-of-3)
» Q4: No. 4 vs No. 5 (Best-of-3)

» S1: Q1 winner vs Q4 winner (Best-of-5)
» S2: Q2 winner vs Q3 winner (Best-of-5)

» S1 winner vs S2 winner (Best-of-7)

source: @pbaconnect

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