The information below contains the list of very simple ways for you to be able to apply or get your first ever Globe retailer sim card to start your own loading business. Getting a retailer sim card from Globe is too simple and easy. See the simple steps below to know how it is done.

List of Way(s) to apply or get a Globe retailer sim card

1. First that you need to do is just go to the nearest Globe outlet that sells retailer sim cards.
2. Prepare your 50 pesos. This is the worth of your retailer sim card.
3. Also prepare 500 or 1000. This is what you will pay for your card to have load.
4. Inside the Globe outlet just tell the personnel that you are getting or applying for a retailer sim card.
5. Just fill up the form that they will give you and done.
6. The rest are all just common sense.

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