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15 January 2017

List of Bataan Tourist Attractions and Destinations

The table below contains the list of all the beautiful and popular tourist attractions and destinations found in the whole province of Bataan. On the other hand please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Bataan Tourist Attractions and Destinations

List of Bataan Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Agwawan Beach (Mariveles)
Ambon Ambon (Limutan Falls) (Bagac)
Annjoline Resort (Orani)
Astea Beach Resort (Morong)
Au Au Resort (Orion)
Bagac Bay (Bagac)
Balanga Nature and Wetland Park (Balanga City)
Bataan Green Hills Farm (Abucay)
Bataan National Park (Balanga City)
Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (Morong)
Bataan Technology Park
Bataan Tourism Center
Bataan World War II Museum (Balanga City)
Bay Spring Resort (Mariveles)
Beni Press Seaside Resort (Orion)
Beulah Farm Resort (Pilar)
Biga Cove
Biga Falls (Limay)
Camaya Coast (Mariveles)
Caragman Cove
Champage Hall (Orani)
Coastal Escape Beach Resort (Morong)
Coral Beach Resort (Morong)
Dar Sar Beach Resort (Morong)
Delia Beach Resort (Morong)
Deltra Farm (Orion)
Dinalupihan Nature Center (Dinalupihan)
Dorothy Beach Resort (Morong)
Dunsulan Falls
East and West Beach Resort (Morong)
El Paradiso
Ella Marie Resort (Morong)
ERC Beach Resort (Morong)
Fajardo Beach Resort (Bagac)
Family and Friends (Pilar)
Farmlandia Haven Resort (Hermosa)
Fine Sand Beach Resort (Morong)
Flaming Sword (Balanga City)
Floen Beach Resort (Bagac)
Godwin Mini Resort (Limay)
Gold Coast Resort (Morong)
Hawla Beach (Mariveles)
J and E Beach Resort (Morong)
Japz Resort (Dinalupihan)
Jem Bethsaida Resort (Balanga City)
Jemacar Beach Resort (Morong)
Joe Hideaway Resort (Morong)
Joyous Resort & Restaurant (Balanga City)
La Bina Resort (Orani)
La Kristina Paradise Resort (Hermosa)
La Playa Beach Resort (Morong)
La Vista Resort (Balanga City)
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac
Limutan Falls (Bagac)
Looc Beach (Bagac)
Lusong Beach (Mariveles)
Lusong Beach (Mariveles)
Luzon Baptist Camp (Mariveles)
Malinta Tunnel (Corregidor Island)
Man Inland Resort (Limay)
Mattel Beach (Mariveles)
Montemar Beach Club (Bagac)
Morning Breeze Resord (Bagac)
Morong Bay Beach (Morong)
Morong Star Beach Resort (Morong)
Mount Samat National Shrine - Dambana ng Kagitigan
Mt. Natib (Orani)
Mt. Samat (Pilar)
Oro Grande Beach Resort (Morong)
Pantingan Peak (Bagac)
Papas Garden (Mariveles)
Paran Mountain Hill Resort (Samal)
Pasukulan Falls, Abucay
Pawikan Conservation Center (Morong)
Peninsula de Bataan (Orani)
Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower (Bagac)
Playa La Caleta (Bagac)
Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Balanga City
Raven Resort (Abucay)
RL Abucay Country Resort (Abucay)
RMW Resort (Mariveles)
Seaview Holiday Home (Limay)
Sibul Spring (Abucay)
Silver Park (Dinalupihan)
Sipwak Beach Resort (Morong)
Sisiman Bay
Sisiman Beach (Mariveles)
St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish (Bagac)
St. Dominic de Guzman Church (Abucay)
St. Joseph Cathedral (Balanga City)
Stella Mariz Resort, Bagac
Summer Hill Resort (Dinalupihan)
Summer Sea Beach Resort (Morong)
Sun Moon Beach Resort (Bagac)
Sunshine Beach Resort (Morong)
Surrender Site Marker (Balanga City)
Tikip Falls (Limay)
Tony Rose Farm (Limay)
Tortugas Bay Park
Tortugas Bird Site (Balanga City)
Velasco Pink Beach
Vicarville Resort (Balanga City)
Villa Amanda Resort (Abucay)
Villa Imperial Resort (Mariveles)
Villa Milagrosa Beach Resort (Morong)
Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park, Orani
Waterfront Beach Resort (Morong)
West Nuk Beach (Morong)
White Corals Beach Resort (Morong)
Zero Kilometer Death March Marker (Bagac)
Zero Kilometer Death March Marker (Mariveles)

Did we miss one or two tourist destinations on the list? Just comment the name and location of the destination that you know below and we will update this list as soon as possible.

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